Gemini Square 304-Grade Floor Drain with Hinge & Hole (5½ x 5½ Inches) - by Ruhe®

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    Ruhe Gemini Square Floor Drain with Jali is a contemporary, elegant-looking robust drainage essential with a hinged drain cover and comes with a jali that prevents clogging of drainage pipes and a hole for easy attachment of waste pipes.

    Size: 140mm x 140 mm (5½ x 5½ Inches)


    • Floor Drains are manufactured in AISI 304-Grade Stainless Steel having 18% Chromium and 8% that actively resists rusting for a long time.
    •  Highly reflective Glossy Finish with flat edges that enables quick and easy installation.


    • Suitable for 4” and above-diameter drain pipes.
    • Works efficiently in indoor as well as outdoor spaces.


      • Floor Trap has a modernized, Plain Solid Hinged Cover with a closely-knit removable Jali underneath it that enables quick drainage.
      • Floor drain jali prevents pipe clogging by sieving waste from the water.
      • Floor Drain comes with an inbuilt hole allowing flawless attachment of waste pipes of wash basin, washing machine, and kitchen sinks and appliances.


      • Eco-friendly and reusable packaging 
      • 100% Made in India Floor Drains
      • 10 Years Warranty


      • Do not use any harsh chemicals like strong detergents/Acids. 
      • We assure you that the product is 100% made of 304-Grade Stainless Steel, but it is not entirely rust-proof and requires regular maintenance.
      • The 8% Nickle helps in resisting rusting for a longer time. 


        • Drain Cover Hinged with the Drain Frame
        • Drain Jali

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        Customer Questions and Answers

        Which is better traditional drain covers or modern linear drain channels in showers?

        It completely depends on the requirement and the space. If it is a small bathroom then a square or round floor drain at the corner is ideal, if it is a big bathroom then drain channels are the ideal choice.

        Are tile-in floor drains good for small bathroom areas?

        Yes. They can be easily installed in small bathrooms.

        Why choose stainless steel floor drain jali instead of PVC drains?

        Stainless steel floor drain jalis are preferred over PVC drains due to their superior durability, resistance to corrosion, and hygiene, making them a more reliable and long-lasting choice for drainage solutions.

        Which is a good square design drain cover or a round design drain cover?

        The choice between a square or round design drain cover is largely a matter of personal preference and aesthetic compatibility with your space, as both shapes can effectively serve their functional purpose in drainage.

        What are the key features to consider when choosing floor drains for bathroom showers?

        • Drain Size and Design: Opt for an appropriate drain size and design that complements your shower layout and efficiently directs water flow.
        • Material Quality: Choose high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel to ensure long-term durability.
        • Grate Style: Select a grate style that suits your bathroom's aesthetic while facilitating efficient water drainage.
        • Installation Type: Consider the installation type, whether it's traditional centre drains or modern linear drains, to match your shower design.
        • Water Flow Rate: Ensure the floor drain has a sufficient water flow rate to prevent water buildup and aid quick drainage.

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          Pruthviraj Kagale

          the drain jali was exactly as described Perfect


          Gemini Square 304-Grade Floor Drain with Hinge & Hole (5½ x 5½ Inches) - by Ruhe®
          Rs. 486.00 Rs. 747.00
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