Proton Health Faucet Gun - by Ruhe®

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    Ruhe Proton Health Faucet Gun/ Showerhead for Bathroom is a premium quality personal hygiene device that is a perfect combination of functionality and comfort.

    Material & Finish 

    • Faucet Gun is manufactured in sturdy ABS material and finished with hard chrome plating that gives it a glossy finish and complements the overall aesthetics of every bathroom
    • ABS sprayer is resistant to oxidation and corrosion


    • Usually installed near toilet seat areas as a hygienic sprayer, these health faucets have a versatile utility
    • Health Faucets works as a cloth diaper sprayer, pet shower, car wash gun, baby bathing shower.
    • Ideal for anyone with limited mobility due to surgery, postpartum, or injuries, ideal for elderly adults.
    • Perfect for feminine hygiene, particularly during pregnancy and menstrual cycles


    • The health faucet head has evenly spread holes for a concentrated flow 
    • The faucet shower head has a trigger/lever that is smooth and easy to operate, a slight pressure from the thumb is enough to start the flow 
    • The pressure of the water is adjustable depending on how far down you press the lever/trigger
    • The high pressure of water when the trigger is completely pressed, is unmatchable, and automatically stops when you release the pressure
    • Simple manual installation 


    • Faucets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard saving water without compromising performance
    • Bidet spray can greatly reduce paper use for hygienic and environment preservation purposes
    • Hassle-free maintenance. Use a cloth to clean. Do not use any harsh chemicals or strong detergents. 
    • Eco-friendly and reusable packaging 
    • Heavy Duty Health Faucet Set for Toilets are 100% Made in India 
    • One year Warranty 

    Accessories Included

    • Health Faucet Gun

    Also Referred as: toilet faucet, bidet spray, hand shower for toilet, toilet water spray, toilet jet, toilet shower spray, jet hand shower toilet, toilet bum washer, hand bidet spray.

    Customer Questions and Answers

    What is the replacement procedure for this toilet faucet?

    You can call Ruhe support or write us an email to get the replacement. 

    What are the best designs for health faucets?

    All designs based on different types of triggers for the health faucets are perfect for everyday use. Ruhe has multiple designs and styles to choose from.

    Jet spray or Health Faucet – which is better?

    The choice between a jet spray and a health faucet depends on personal preference and hygiene priorities. Jet sprays offer control, while health faucets are often favoured for their cleanliness and ease of maintenance.

    Is it necessary to connect the toilet faucet pipe with an angle valve only?

    No. You can connect the toilet faucet pipe with a two way bib tap also, or a normal bib tap as well. However, ideally, health faucet pipes are connected with angle valves only.

    What is the perfect water pressure for this toilet faucet?

    Normal residential water pressure ranges between 45-80 psi, which is sufficient for the health faucets to function at their maximum potential.

    Are the health faucet and bidet spray the same?

    No, a health faucet and a bidet spray are not the same, although they serve similar purposes. A health faucet is typically a hand-held device with a hose and nozzle used for personal hygiene, often found in bathrooms in South Asia. A bidet spray, on the other hand, is a fixture mounted on or near the toilet and is designed to spray water for cleansing after using the toilet. While both provide water for cleaning, their installation and usage may differ.

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      Proton Health Faucet Gun - by Ruhe®
      Rs. 344.00 Rs. 528.00
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