9 Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India

Choosing the best brands for a kitchen sink is crucial due to several key factors that significantly impact the overall kitchen experience.

List of Top 9 Kitchen Sink Brands in India

  1. Ruhe
  2. Lipka
  3. Jindal
  4. Nirali
  5. Hindware
  6. Alton
  7. Futura
  8. Neelkanth
  9. Cera

Why is it Important to Choose the Best Brands for Kitchen Sink?

  • Modern Designs: Firstly, reputable brands offer modern designs that align with contemporary aesthetics, elevating the kitchen's visual appeal. These designs often incorporate functional features to enhance user convenience, such as deeper bowls and integrated accessories.
  • Multiple Material: Secondly, top brands provide a wide range of materials to choose from, catering to diverse preferences and requirements. Whether it's stainless steel for durability, granite for elegance, or fireclay for a classic look, having multiple material options ensures finding the perfect sink to match any kitchen theme.
  • Availability of Colours: Moreover, colour availability is another benefit of selecting renowned brands. Homeowners can opt for sinks that complement the kitchen's color scheme, allowing seamless integration with the overall decor.
  • Customer Support System: Lastly, reputable brands offer an efficient customer support system, providing assistance during and after purchase. In case of any issues, customers can rely on expert guidance, warranty coverage, and timely resolutions, ensuring a satisfactory and stress-free experience.

Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India

  • Ruhe

Ruhe offers premium quality sinks with innovative designs and robust construction, making them a stylish and durable choice for modern kitchens.

Why Ruhe:

  1. 100% Made in India Products
  2. Upto 10 years warranty on all kitchen sinks
  3. All accessories included without any extra charges- Vegetable Strainer, PVC Waste Pipe, Sink Coupling
  4. 30 Days Easy Returns & Exchanges.
  5. Authentic & Sustainable Raw material with damage-free packaging of the product.
  • Lipka

Lipka provides thoughtfully designed sinks with modern aesthetics and functional features, offering a wide range of sizes and styles to suit diverse kitchen setups.

Why Lipka:

  1. Modern aesthetics and functional features.
  2. High-grade materials for long-lasting performance.
  3. Diverse options for various kitchen themes.
  • Jindal

Jindal is a trusted brand known for reliable and sturdy stainless-steel sinks, offering excellent craftsmanship and resistance to corrosion, making them an ideal choice for any kitchen.

Why Jindal:

  1. Trusted brand with reliable stainless-steel sinks.
  2. Excellent craftsmanship and hygienic sink space.
  3. Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Nirali

Nirali offers premium sinks with precision and elegance, equipped with advanced technology for an anti-bacterial environment, and providing diverse options and accessories for customized solutions.

Why Nirali:

  1. Premium sinks with precision and elegance.
  2. Advanced technology for an anti-bacterial environment.
  3. Diverse options for customization.
  • Hindware

Hindware is a reputable brand offering innovative sink designs with superior functionality, featuring high-quality materials for durability and resistance to scratches, catering to various kitchen themes.

Why Hindware:

  1. Innovative sink designs with superior functionality.
  2. High-quality materials for durability and scratch resistance.
  3. Wide range of designs to match diverse kitchen themes.
  • Alton

Alton provides well-crafted sinks with contemporary designs, attention to detail, and durability, along with multiple color choices, offering a stylish and reliable addition to modern kitchens.

Why Alton:

  1. Well-crafted sinks with contemporary designs.
  2. Attention to detail and durability.
  3. Multiple color choices for versatile options.
  • Futura

Futura offers innovative sinks designed for efficient water drainage and optimal space utilization, equipped with sturdy construction and anti-bacterial properties for a hygienic kitchen environment.

Why Futura:

  1. Innovative sinks for efficient water drainage.
  2. Sturdy construction and anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Wide range of sizes and shapes for diverse kitchen layouts.
  • Neelkanth

Neelkanth is a trusted brand providing durable and economical stainless-steel sink options, featuring simple yet elegant designs for both traditional and modern kitchens.

Why Neelkanth:

  1. Trusted brand with durable and economical sinks.
  2. Simple yet elegant designs for various kitchen setups.
  3. Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Cera

Cera India is a reliable brand known for aesthetically pleasing and durable sinks, offering high-quality materials for resistance to scratches and stains, and a wide range of designs and sizes.

Why Cera:

  1. A reliable brand with aesthetically pleasing sinks.
  2. High-quality materials for scratch and stain resistance.
  3. Wide range of designs and sizes to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Types of Sinks for Kitchen

Hydraulically Drawn/Pressed Steel Sinks:

These sinks are of high quality and durability, as the hydraulic manufacturing process can create a single piece without welded seams, reducing the risk of leaks and weak points. Such sinks also offer a sleek and modern appearance, making them an attractive option for contemporary kitchens.

Handmade 304 Steel Sinks:

With zero radius and slightly welded corners, these sinks are crafted manually and offer more space than traditional sinks. These sinks are kitchen sinks that are crafted and manufactured manually by skilled artisans, rather than being produced through automated machinery or mass production methods.

Quartz Stone Sinks:

Made from a combination of quartz crystals and resins, these sinks exhibit exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to scratches and stains. The smooth, non-porous surface prevents bacterial growth, ensuring a hygienic environment. They come in various colours and designs and are low-maintenance, requiring minimal effort to keep them looking pristine.

Handmade Integrated Sinks:

This sink comes equipped with a pull-out mixer faucet, allowing easy control of water flow and temperature. The automatic cup washer effortlessly cleans your cups and glasses with a touch of a button. The adjustable sliding strainer provides versatile space for food preparation and cleaning tasks. A wooden chopping board adds convenience for cutting and chopping. The elegant waterfall faucet adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. And the attached liquid soap dispenser keeps your sink area neat and organized.

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Top Kitchen Sink Brand Vs Others 

Ruhe Vs Lipka

  • Ruhe offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality.
  • Pocket-friendly prices with deals and offers available on the website.

Ruhe Vs Jindal

  • Ruhe provides excellent customer support.
  • Ensuring a seamless and unique experience as it offers offers attractive handmade sinks.
  • Add a unique touch to the kitchen.

Ruhe Vs Nirali

  • Ruhe allows for customizable options, enabling customers to tailor the sink to their preferences.
  • For instance, you can get the finish of the sink customised, you can get holes for faucets or RO tap in the sinks.
  • Ruhe also offers sinks with pre-drilled holes, facilitating easier installation.

Ruhe Vs Hindware

  • Ruhe allows customers to conveniently make purchases online unlike other brands that just offer catalogues and store locations.
  • Ruhe also has an amazing collection of Quartz Sinks online which is only available for purchase online on a few brand websites in India.

Ruhe Vs Alton

  • Ruhe regularly introduces new designs, staying up-to-date with trends.
  • It keeps up with the dynamic consumer needs and also offers a wide range of colour options for its kitchen sinks.

Ruhe Vs Futura

  • Ruhe offers sinks made from multiple materials to cater to diverse needs like Premium Stainless Steel, 304-Grade Stainless Steel and Quartz.
  • Moreover, unlike other brands, Ruhe offers all the accessories that are needed for the sink installation along with the sink at no extra cost.
  • The accessories are also available separately on the website in one place, for streamlining the buying process.

Ruhe Vs Neelkanth

  • Ruhe offers a favourable warranty, i.e., up to 10 years on all its products.
  • The brand also offers a double warranty on all products purchased from the Ruhe website when the products are reviewed. 

Ruhe Vs Cera India

  • Ruhe provides a favourable exchange and returns policy for customer satisfaction.
  • The brand offers an extensive period of 30 days for exchange/return to the consumers who purchase from the website.
  • Plus the brand also has its own manufacturing that gives it control over the stringent quality of the product.

Frequently Asked Queries

  • Which Sink Brand Sells Online?

Ruhe is the best Kitchen Sink Brand that sells online through its website.

  • Is quartz better than stainless steel for the kitchen sink?

It completely depends on personal choice. Both quartz and stainless steel have their advantages. Although quartz is anti-bacterial (non-porous), naturally sound-proofing and available in different colours to suit the aesthetics of modern kitchens.

  • What are the top 5 steel kitchen sink brands?

Ruhe, Lipka, Nirali, Alton and Neelkanth are the top 5 kitchen sink brands.

  • Which are the top 5 Indian sink manufacturers?

Ruhe is one of the top Indian sink manufacturers along with Lipka, Neelkanth, Futura, and Alton.

  • Are handmade and hydraulic sinks made of the same steel?

Yes. The process of manufacturing these two types of sinks is different, but the material is common which is 202-grade stainless steel and 304-grade stainless steel.

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