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RUHE Faucets for Bathroom and Kitchen

Ruhe Faucets are designed to blend into any space like clockwork. Each faucet is mindfully manufactured and given a handcrafted luxurious touch only for it to offer the highest level of functionality and comfort in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas. With Ruhe’s widest range of designer Bib Taps, Pillar Taps, Mixer Taps, Swivel Spouts, and Shower Taps for both wash basins and kitchen sinks, a convenient living or working space is just a new fitting away! Ruhe faucets help you to create luxurious and practical spaces of utility with their multiple and ever-increasing styles and flairs of Faucets.

Ruhe Brass Faucets/ Water Taps - Excellence In Quality

Where and how are these Faucets made?

Ruhe water taps/ faucets are 100% made in India. From procuring the finest raw materials to in-house damage-free packaging, all the activities that contribute to producing the end product are carried out in well-equipped manufacturing units based in New Delhi, using advanced technology and skilled artistry.

Why are Ruhe Faucets safe for use in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Ruhe faucets are built with Pure Brass Ingot and not any scrap. The material is an alloy with 70% Copper and 30% Zinc. With ZERO lead content, these faucets are perfectly fit for drinking water usage. Pure Brass is also known to have anti-rusting and corrosion properties that allow the faucets to last for a lifetime. Moreover, Brass as compared to other materials is more malleable and can be moulded into multiple luxurious designs to suit your style.

How durable are these faucets?

A cartridge is a crucial component of faucets that controls the flow. The Faucets are fitted with European/Japanese Technology based Ceramic Cartridges that allow the quarter-turn and half-turn functioning of the levers that are tested for more than 500000 operations. The 15mm Ceramic Disk (highest level of thickness and quality) in the cartridge ensure smooth and long-lasting functioning of the faucets.

What adds to the durability of the Faucets?

The brass faucets are chrome plated with 3-tier surface protection. The 3-layer coating of 10-12 Micron Nickle, 0.3 Micron Chromium and Copper give an unmatched finish and long-lasting sheen. The Nickle and Chromium coating on the faucets is in accordance with the British Standards Service Condition No. 2 & 3 which defines standards for Kitchen and Bathroom fixtures. The thickness of the chrome plating acts as an additional line of defence against corrosion due to hard water, extreme temperatures and regular wear and tear.

Does the Faucet help in conserving water?

For a soft, foamy, and bubbly touch on the skin, all the brass faucets are equipped with NEOPERL’s German Foam Flow Aerators. These aerators are fixed on the outlet of the faucet’s spout. The aerators give an illusion of a high-pressure flow of water even when the pressure of your water supply is low. These water-saving aerators are compliant with USGBC/LEED/GRIHA standards.

What makes the water flow from these faucets so smooth and continuous?

The mould used for casting the faucet body is engineered using Core Shooter Technology thus providing uniform thickness all around the faucet. The inner walls of the faucet have a flawless consistency at the bends or corners with no sharp or uneven edges. This allows an uninterrupted and smooth flow of water.

Is the installation equipment available for all the faucets on the website?

Yes. All Ruhe faucets are packed with their respective installation accessories without any additional charges. For instance, the single lever basin mixers come with 2 braided connection pipes, washers, and bolts and wall mixers come with flanges and washers to wall mount the faucets. Apart from them, you can also get these allied items separately.

What is the warranty period for faucets? And how to register?

Ruhe Brass Faucets come with a 10-year Full warranty. The warranty registrations can be done through the website and are mostly just a phone call away!

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