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Benefits of Kitchen Sink with Drainboard in India

Kitchen Sink with Drainboard in India

Shahab Khan |

Many people bring out their utensil baskets, dish dryers, or drying racks and place them on the countertop next to the kitchen sink when doing dishes manually.  Unfortunately, this takes up a lot of counter space. Ultimately, when it's time to put the basket away, you could find that the water drained from the dishes swamps the countertop, or if your basket has a tray underneath it, you have to drain it manually. This collected water may result in staining your countertop, or an unpleasant smell in the kitchen.

Kitchen Sink with Drainboard in India

If this scenario seems all too familiar, it might be time to think about installing a drainboard kitchen sink.

What is in a Drainboard?

A Kitchen Sink with Drainboard is exactly what the name implies: a sink bowl with a built-in drainboard. It's a useful feature for keeping dishes (or fruits and vegetables) dry. Although the name isn't particularly appealing, the design of such sinks definitely is. The material of the drainboard is the same as the material of the kitchen sink. It is a continuous structure. So a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink comes with a stainless steel drainboard and the same goes for kitchen sinks manufactured in Granite, Fireclay, Copper, etc.

Designated Washing Station

A drainboard basically is a surface that has grooves on it. The drainboard structure is slanted towards the kitchen sink. This model of a kitchen sink basically helps you by providing extra space for stacking your dirty dishes in case you need the sink to wash your fruits and vegetables, dry your washed pots and pans, do the chopping and peeling, or prepare your meals.

In short, for any activity in the kitchen that deals with the usage of water, the drainboard is the aptest space – closer to the sink! The grooves on the drainboard rapidly direct the waste water from the drying utensils towards the kitchen sink. This helps in keeping your countertop dry and ready to use always. Plus, with a drainboard kitchen sink, it is quite easy for you to distinguish your space in the kitchen. So, the drainboard actually helps your kitchen look more organized and sorted.

Functionality with STYLE

Drop-in (self-rimming) and under-mount drainboard types are available, like with conventional sinks. The majority, though, are drop-ins. They are also available in single bowl farm sink configurations. However, your drainboard can have numerous sink bowls, so you won't have to give up your double sink if you like to have a separate area for washing and another for rinsing. If you wash a lot of large pots and pans, you can retain the single-bowl installation.

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Why should you go for a drainboard kitchen sink?

There are numerous benefits to having a drainboard constructed into your sink. It mostly saves crucial kitchen space. You won't be wasting extra space on a freestanding dish rack, and if you need more space, just lay a chopping board over the drainboard to create a work surface. When you manually wash dishes, the built-in function directs surplus water into the sink rather than creating a mess which you have to ultimately clean up on your own.

Furthermore, if you position a chopping board over the drain to cut vegetables or other foodstuffs, any trash will be easy to scrape directly down the garbage disposal. Also, if the sink is constructed of stainless steel or similar heat-resistant material, the drainboard will provide a place for hot pots and pans to rest.

Drainboard kitchen sinks are the most ideal kitchen sink models available in the market today. Their functionality exceeds their contemporaries at many levels – be it extra space, organization, neat appearance, maintaining hygiene and so on.

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