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Centre Hole Vs Side Hole Drain Channels in India

Centre Hole Vs Side Hole Drain Channels in India

Ayush Jain |

Why Drain Channel Hole Important?

A drain channel hole is where wastewater from any space gets drained down to the sewage pipe. There are options for their placement:

  • Side Hole for Wall Corner Drainage

Shower drain channels with a side hole are ideal for installation in spaces where the drain hole is present in one of the corners. The drain channel can be installed along with one of the sides wherein the side hole can be placed directly on the drain hole.

  • Centre Hole for Middle Bath Drainage

There are spaces where the drain hole is right in the middle. For this, shower drain channels with a centre hole are ideal. The centre hole can be placed on top of the drain hole anywhere in the relevant space.

Centre Hole Vs Side Hole Drain Channels in India

Top Locations for Drain Channels are Suitable

  • Shower Rooms/Bathrooms

These days shower drain channels are quite common in shower areas due to their voluminous drainage systems.

  • Lobby Area

Since these shower-drain channels are seamless and effortlessly blend in with the flooring of any space, they are quite popular in lobby areas as well. Their installation makes it easy to keep the lobbies clean and dry at all times.

  • Balcony Area

Balconies are again areas where there is a huge possibility of rainwater getting collected. The shower drain channels are ideal for balconies since they drain out huge amounts of water at a single point in time and do not even take up any space for installation.

Benefits of Buying Luxury Centre/Side Hole Drain Channel from Manufacturer

  • Original Material

Buying directly from the manufacturer is always beneficial since there is no scope for bad quality. The manufacturers selling directly only have the quality of the drain channels as their USP, and for them to promote their brand, they can never get the quality wrong. good manufacturers like Ruhe have now introduced new PVD Coated Shower drain Channels in beautiful and bold colours that are aesthetically and practically viable. The shower drain channels are manufactured with 304-Grade Stainless Steel and PVD coated with yellow gold or Rose gold colours. The PVD coating adds to the wear resistance and prevents oxidation.

  • Long Time Warranty

The quality of raw materials used to manufacture shower drain channels assures their long-lasting durability. Manufacturers like Ruhe provide over 10 years of warranty for their shower drain channels.

  • Better Offers

Manufacturers are able to provide the best offers to their customers since there are no intermediaries for whom they’ll have to cut costs.

  • Direct Customer Support

Manufacturers selling online provide the best customer support to their customers. They provide pre-purchase services like help in choosing the appropriate product, help in browsing the e-catalogues and going through the website and post-sale services like warranty registration and installation services.

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