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Don't Panic! How to Deal with Minor Bending Issues in Your Handmade Sink

Fix Your Bent Sink

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Discovering a slight bend in your new Handmade sink can be disheartening, especially when you've invested time and money into selecting the perfect one for your home. However, minor bends, especially around the rims, are not uncommon due to the rigours of transportation and packaging. The good news is, there's no need for immediate concern or to initiate a return. With a simple DIY fix, you can easily restore your sink to its pristine condition. Here’s a quick guide on how to address minor bending issues without breaking a sweat.

Understanding the Issue

Handmade sinks, particularly those made from steel, can sometimes sustain minor deformations during shipping or handling. These bends are often superficial and localised around the rim area, affecting neither the functionality nor the overall durability of the sink. Recognizing that such issues can be rectified with minimal effort is the first step toward resolution.

What You'll Need

The tools required for this fix are likely already in your toolbox:

  • A wrench: This will be used to apply controlled force to the bent area.
  • A cloth: To protect the finish of your sink from scratches during the adjustment process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing the Bend

Fix Your Bent Sink


1. Prepare the Area

Begin by laying the cloth over the bent section of the sink's rim. This acts as a protective layer, preventing any direct contact between the metal surfaces of the wrench and the sink.

2. Adjusting the Bend

Place the wrench over the cloth-covered bent area. Apply gradual pressure to bend the rim back into its original shape. It's crucial to do this gently to avoid overcorrection or damaging the sink further.

3. Assess and Repeat if Necessary

After adjusting, remove the cloth and inspect the rim. If the bend persists, replace the cloth and repeat the process, applying force judiciously until the desired shape is achieved.

Dealing with minor bends in your Handmade sink shouldn't be a cause for alarm. With the right approach, you can rectify the issue swiftly and without additional cost. This simple method not only saves time but also empowers you to maintain the quality and appearance of your sink for years to come. Remember, the key is patience and gentle handling to ensure your sink returns to its original, flawless condition.

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