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How Made in India Tumbler Holder Makes Bathroom More Functional?

How Made in India Tumbler Holder Makes Bathroom more functional

Ayush Jain |

What is a tumbler holder?

A tumbler holder is a small cup or a glass that is attached to a frame. This whole structure can be wall mounted to store different things. When placed in a bathroom, the tumbler holder usually holds toothbrushes, pastes, tongue cleaners, combs, cream tubes, etc. All these self-care tools and instruments used to maintain daily hygiene can be stored easily in an organized manner using a tumbler holder in your bathrooms.

How Made in India Tumbler Holder Makes Bathroom more functional

Stainless Steel or Plastic for Indian Bathroom?

Tumbler holders are popularly manufactured in 3 materials – ABS Polymer, 304-Grade stainless Steel, and premium stainless steel. The choice of the material for the tumbler holder depends mainly depends on the aesthetical appeal of the bathroom these days. Since the material, be it ABS polymer or stainless steel, both are non-rusting and anti-corrosive and have good resistance to moisture.

Which material looks better?

Stainless steel has a sparkling shiny look that lasts for a long time. The striking pristine appearance looks sharp and smart in bathrooms that have cold colored tiles. With warm colored tiles, the glass-like ABS polymer tumbler looks luxurious. Based on the color of your tiles and other fittings in the bathroom, you can choose for either of the materials.

Best Location to Install Tumbler Holder

  • Above the Bathroom Washbasin

If you have a wall mount wash basin, then the tumbler holder can we wall mounted above or next to the wash basin for ease of accessibility

  • Next To Vanity Mirror

If you have a counter top wash basin in your vanity area, the tumbler holder can be placed beside the large mirror.

  • Bathtub & Shower Areas

Tumbler holders can be installed in bathtub and shower areas to hold toiletries you may require while taking a bath.

Users FAQs

Can I use a steel tumbler holder in the kitchen also?

Yes. Tumbler holders can be used in kitchens to store small or medium sized spoons and spatulas. They can also be wall mounted near the kitchen sink areas to store utensil brushes and cleaners.

Are stainless steel tumbler holders useful for a long time?

Yes. Stainless Steel tumbler holders have anti -corrosive and rust resistant properties that make it a long lasting bathroom accessory.

How to find the best manufacturer of tumbler holders in India?

Ruhe manufactures one of the best quality bathroom accessories, including the tumbler holder. Apart from this, all the products are 100% made in India and have good warranties.

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