Top 5 Trends of 2024 Your Bathroom Will Love

2024 bathroom trends are here for us. The sole purpose of bathrooms has shifted from just functionality and usage to its aesthetically pleasing sense and also how jazy it looks. From plants to backlit mirrors, bathrooms have it all. Let's get on to some trends you’ll love to see for your bathrooms this season. 

Geometric Patterns:

In 2024, we expect to see a surge of geometric patterns such as Chevron, Basketweave and Herringbone layouts. As we said, the focus shifts from colourful aesthetics to beautiful patterns which are elegant and chic.  

Wallpaper Exquisite:

Wallpapers express so much of what goes into a person’s mind. Could be floral to murals or strips. All speak differently. We also encourage you to put your best mind forward when it comes to this and decorate your bathroom with your artistic arena. 

Jazzy Mirrors:

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Haha, expect to see a burst from last year as backlit mirrors capture homes in place of the regular triangular or basic mirrors. These mirrors will ensure that you freshen up in a soothing warm light and feel a breeze of comfort. 

Natural Materials:

Sustainability is in the air and so does upgrading from the already mundane materials. Upgrade with our wash basins which are made with 100% ceramic material that ensures you maintain sustainability while giving a grand look to your bathrooms as well. These washbasins come in various shapes and designs and are tailored to fit every customer’s needs and choice of décor.

Visual Textures:

Visual textures are all you need for a rich and warm look for your bathrooms. These veiny, granite, quartz and tiles make sure your invisible floor drains are as cool as every bathroom ware you purchase and incorporate. Make sure to check out our collection of invisible tile floor drains and marble floor drains that Ruhe Tile insert Shower Drain channels or Invisible Square Floor Drains built with 1mm Thick 304-grade Stainless Steel and have Rose Gold PVD Coating, are meant to handle large volumes of water, offer a seamless look, are specially designed for tiles upto 13mm Thick, come with a drain frame, tray, cockroach trap.


What Are Some Popular Bathroom Styles?

Some popular bathroom styles include modern, which features sleek lines and minimalist design; traditional, characterised by classic details and elegant fixtures; contemporary, blending modern elements with comfortable, lived-in appeal; farmhouse, offering rustic charm and cosy textures; industrial, highlighting exposed hardware and raw materials; Scandinavian, known for its simplicity, functionality, and use of light and natural elements; and coastal, evoking a light, airy beach feel with soft colours and natural textures. These styles can be tailored to personal tastes, creating a unique space that reflects individual preferences.

Which Design Elements Can Enhance Your Bathroom?

Consider incorporating elements like natural light, a minimalist colour palette, sleek fixtures, ample storage, and luxurious materials such as marble or granite. Additionally, integrating plants, statement mirrors, and stylish lighting fixtures can elevate the ambience. Prioritise functionality, cleanliness, and a cohesive design for a truly enhanced bathroom space.

Wondering How to Update Your Bathroom Styles?

To update your bathroom style, consider modernizing fixtures, such as faucets and showerheads, and refreshing the colour scheme with trendy hues or timeless neutrals. Incorporate contemporary elements like geometric tiles, minimalist accessories, and sleek storage solutions. Enhance the ambience with strategic lighting and consider eco-friendly upgrades for sustainability. 

What does ruhe help me for my Kitchen & Bath Decor?

Ruhe appears to be a German word meaning "peace" or "calm." In the context of bath décor, it suggests creating a serene environment. Incorporating elements like soft colours, natural materials, and minimalist design can evoke a sense of "Ruhe" in your bathroom, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

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