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Telephonic Wall Mixer Faucets

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What is a Telephonic Wall Mixer Faucet?

A telephonic wall mixer, on the other hand, is a faucet that combines both the regular water flow control and a telephone shower attachment in a single unit. It usually features a single lever or knob that controls both the temperature and water flow. The telephone shower attachment is connected to the faucet with a flexible hose, allowing for easy handheld use.

Where Are Telephonic Wall Mixer Faucets Installed?

Telephonic wall mixers are primarily installed in bathrooms where a flexible handheld shower is desired. They are commonly found in shower enclosures or bathtubs, allowing users to switch between the overhead shower and the handheld shower attachment for versatile bathing experiences.

Is the Crutch or the Hand Shower Holder Attached to the Faucet?

Yes. You can fix the crutch or the hand shower holder to the faucet.

Does the Telephonic Mixer Faucet Come with a Hand Shower?

No. Hand shower is a different product altogether. To buy, you can click here.

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