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What Are Geyser Connection Pipes?

These are the pipes that connect the water heater or geyser to the water supply system. They are typically made of copper, stainless steel, or PVC. There are usually two pipes - one for cold water going into the geyser and one for hot water coming out of it.

What Are Faucet Connection Pipes?

These are the pipes that connect a faucet (or tap) to the water supply system. They are typically made of similar materials as geyser connection pipes. Faucet connection pipes include both hot and cold water lines. The hot water line connects the faucet to the hot water coming out of the geyser.

Where Else Can These Connection Pipes Be Used?

These pipes must be installed correctly to prevent leaks and ensure the efficient operation of your water system. They can come in different lengths and diameters, so it's essential to get the right size for your specific setup. Also, they are usually flexible to some extent to allow for easy installation and adjustment.

Connection pipes are versatile and can be used in various plumbing applications other than just geysers (water heaters) and faucets. Here are a few examples:

  • - Toilets: Connection pipes are used to supply water to toilets. There is typically a pipe that connects the water supply to the toilet tank.
  • - Dishwashers and Washing Machines: These appliances often have flexible connection pipes that connect them to the water supply.
  • - Shower Systems: Connection pipes supply water to shower heads and may also be used in more complex shower systems that involve multiple outlets.
  • - Sinks and Basins: In kitchens and bathrooms, connection pipes are used to supply water to sinks and basins.
  • - Refrigerators with Water Dispensers or Ice Makers: These appliances need a water supply, which is typically provided by a connection pipe.
  • - Garden Hose Bibbs: Connection pipes may be used to supply outdoor faucets for watering gardens or washing cars.
  • - Water Filtration Systems: If a home or building has a water filtration or softening system, connection pipes are used to connect this system to the water supply.

What Are the Materials These Connection Pipes Are Manufactured In?

  • - 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • - PVC
  • - PTMT

Remember, it's important to use the right type of pipe for each application, considering factors like water pressure, temperature, and the materials the pipes are made of. For example, pipes used for hot water must be able to withstand higher temperatures than those used for cold water. Pipes used outdoors must be able to resist weather conditions. It's also important to ensure that the pipes are installed correctly to prevent leaks and other issues.

Is PTMT a Heat Resistant Material? Can it be Used with Geysers?

Yes, it is heat resistant. It is a type of plastic that is often used in plumbing fixtures such as taps, showers, and valves because it is lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. PTMT is known for its ability to withstand wear and tear, making it a suitable material for many plumbing applications.

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