What is a Double Bowl Connector?

A double bowl connector is a component used to connect two separate sinks or basins to a common drainage system. It allows both sinks to drain into a single pipe or drain line. It is also known as a double basin connector or double sink connector. The connector is typically made of durable materials like PVC or metal and is designed to ensure proper drainage and prevent leaks.

Where is the Double Bowl Connector Used?

The double-bowl connector is commonly used in kitchens where there are two separate sinks or double-bowl kitchen sinks installed side by side. It allows for efficient drainage from both sinks while minimizing the need for additional plumbing connections. In bathrooms, it can be used when two basins are installed next to each other, such as in a master bathroom or shared bathroom.

What is the Best Material For Double Bowl Connectors?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a popular material for double bowl connectors due to its advantageous properties in plumbing applications. Here are some reasons why PVC is commonly used and considered suitable for double bowl connectors:

  • - Durability: PVC is a durable material that can withstand the demands of plumbing systems. It is resistant to corrosion, rust, and chemical degradation, making it ideal for long-term use in contact with water and various substances commonly found in drainage systems.
  • - Lightweight: It is a lightweight material, which makes it easier to handle during installation. Its lightness simplifies the assembly process and reduces the overall weight of the plumbing system.
  • - Ease of installation: PVC connectors are typically designed with solvent weld joints or threaded connections, making them relatively easy to install. Solvent weld joints involve applying PVC cement to join the pieces, creating a strong and leak-resistant bond.
  • - Cost-effective: It is an affordable material compared to other plumbing materials like metal. It offers a cost-effective solution for double bowl connectors without compromising on durability or performance.
  • - Corrosion resistance: PVC is inherently resistant to corrosion, unlike metal connectors that may deteriorate over time due to exposure to water and chemicals. This corrosion resistance ensures the longevity and reliability of the double bowl connector.
  • - Smooth interior surface: PVC pipes and connectors have smooth interior surfaces, which facilitate efficient water flow and minimize the accumulation of debris and blockages. This smoothness helps maintain the proper functioning of the drainage system.
  • - Wide availability: It is readily available in various shapes, sizes, and configurations, making it easy to find the right PVC double bowl connector for specific plumbing requirements.

Why Choose Ruhe’s Double Bowl Connectors?

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