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Extension Nipple

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What is an CP Extension Nipple?

Brass CP extension nipples are threaded fittings used to connect two plumbing fixtures. They are generally used when the standard pipe or fitting is not long enough to bridge the distance between the two fixtures. These brass chrome plated extension nipples come in a variety of lengths and diameters to fit various applications.

Where Are Brass Extension Nipples Used?

CP Extension nipples are versatile plumbing components that can be used in a variety of applications. Here are some of the most common uses:

  • - Sizes of Brass Nipples: Available in multiple sizes - 1 Inch, 1½ Inches, 2 Inches, 2½ Inches, 3 Inches, 4 Inches, 6 Inches, etc.
  • - Pipe Extensions: When a pipe is not long enough to reach another pipe or fixture, an chrome plated nipple can be used to bridge the gap. This is common in both residential and commercial plumbing applications.
  • - Showers and Bath Fixtures: Extension nipples are often used to adjust the position of shower heads, faucets, and other fixtures. For instance, if a shower head is too low, an brass nipple can be used to raise its height.
  • - Water Heaters: In some cases, extension nipples are used to connect water heaters to the home's plumbing system. They can help position the water heater properly and ensure a secure connection.
  • - Water Supply Lines: Brass CP nipples can be used to connect water supply lines to fixtures, such as sinks or toilets. They can be used to extend the supply line if it's not long enough to reach the fixture.
  • - Repairs and Replacements: If a section of pipe is damaged or corroded, an extension nipple can be used to replace the damaged section without needing to replace the entire pipe.

What is the Material Used to Manufacture Brass Extension Nipples at Ruhe?

Brass CP nipples are typically made from materials such as brass, PVC, or galvanized steel to resist corrosion and stand up to the high pressure of water systems. They can be used in a wide range of plumbing applications, from water supply lines to drain systems.

RUHE Brass CP Extension Nipples are made with solid brass ingot and plated with a 3-tier surface protection that has chromium, copper and nickel.

Why Choose Ruhe’s CP Extension Nipples?

  • - 1 Year Warranty
  • - 100% made in India
  • - 30 Days Easy Return & Exchange
  • - Multiple Size Options: 1 Inch, 1½ Inches, 2 Inches, 2½ Inches, 3 Inches, 4 Inches, 6 Inches, etc.

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