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What is a RO Tap?

An RO Tap is a specialized faucet used in Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration systems. It is designed to dispense purified water from an RO system, typically having a separate spout for filtered water and a lever or knob for controlling the flow.

What is a Faucet Aerator Washer?

A faucet aerator washer is a small rubber or silicone washer that is installed inside a faucet aerator. It helps regulate the water flow by introducing air into the water stream, reducing splashing and conserving water.

What Are Wall Mixer Legs? How Are They Used with Faucets?

Wall mixer legs are support brackets or frames used in wall-mounted mixer faucets. They are attached to the wall and provide stability and support to the faucet unit, ensuring proper installation.

What is a Brass Leg Set For Single Lever Basin Mixer? How Is It Used?

A brass leg set for a single lever basin mixer is a set of brass legs or mounting brackets specifically designed for supporting a single lever basin mixer. These legs are typically attached to the basin or the wall, providing a stable base for the mixer tap.

What is a Chand Washer Set?

Chand washer set refers to a set of washers used in plumbing applications. These washers are typically used in fittings and connections to provide a watertight seal and prevent leaks.

What Are Foam Flow Aerators?

Foam flow aerators are specialized aerators installed in faucets. They mix air with water, creating a foamy stream that reduces water splashing and conserves water while maintaining a comfortable flow.

What is a Crutch Or a Hand Shower Holder? Where Is It Used?

A crutch or hand shower holder is a device used to hold a handheld showerhead or a shower spray. It is typically mounted on the wall and allows the user to adjust the height and position of the handheld shower for convenient use during bathing.

What is a Brass Waste Coupling Lock Nut?

A brass waste coupling lock nut is a component used in plumbing fittings for securing the waste coupling or drain pipe to the basin or sink. It ensures a tight and secure connection, preventing leaks in the drainage system.

What is an L Bend Pipe Used in a Wall Mixer Faucet? What Is Its Function?

An L bend pipe, also known as an elbow pipe, is used in wall mixer faucets to create a bend or angle in the water supply lines. It allows the water to flow from the wall connection to the faucet spout or handle at the desired angle.

What is a Male And Female Premix? What is the Difference?

Male and female premix refer to the types of water supply connections in plumbing fittings. Male refers to the external threaded end of a pipe or fitting, while female refers to the internal threaded end. In the case of premix connections, the male end typically connects to the female end, creating a secure and sealed connection for water supply. The difference lies in the orientation and design of the threaded ends, allowing them to fit together securely.

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