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Tera Western Toilet Seat / Commode (Wall-hung EWC) - by Ruhe

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  • MATERIAL: Western Style Toilets are built with High-grade Premium Ceramic.

  • DESIGN: Rimless Toilet Bowl with Siphonic 4D Swirl Flushing Technique.

  • FINISH: European Water Closets (EWCs) have a luxurious long-lasting, Anti-bacterial Glaze that repels spots and stains and keeps the surface of the wall-hung commode safe and hygienic. 

  • WATER-EFFICIENCY: Powerful Washdown Flushing System.

  • SUITABILITY: Sleek, space-saving Toilets with P -Trap are designed for easy, secure Wall-mounting.

  • MAINTENANCE: Avoid harsh chemicals and acidic cleaners to preserve the lustrous finish on the Toilet Commode. Compatible with regular Toilet Cleaners.

  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: INDIA, Manufactured, Packaged & Marketed by Ruhe Solutions Pvt. Ltd, 100% Made in India.

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Commode (EWC), 1 Toilet Seat Cover (Soft-close),1 Inlet/Outlet Washer

Q. What is the difference between P-trap and S-trap toilet outlets?
A. P-trap outlets go through the wall, while S-trap outlets go through the floor.

Q. What is the distance from the wall required to install a floor-mount western toilet?
A. Typically, a distance of 9 OR 12 inches from the wall is required.

Q. What is the ideal height at which the wall-hung western toilets should be mounted?
A. The ideal mounting height is 15-19 inches from the floor.

Q. How much weight can the wall-hung western commodes bear?
A. Ruhe western toilets can bear Up to 450 kgs of weight.

Q. Do all Ruhe western toilets come with a soft-close seat cover?
A. Yes, all Ruhe EWCs or Western Toilets come with a seat cover with hydraulic mechanism that offers a soft close.

Q. Can I use Harpik and other toilet cleaners to clean the toilet bowls?
A. Yes, Harpik and other toilet cleaners available in the market can be used. However, avoid using Acid.

Q. Which is better - wall-hung toilet or floor-mount toilet?
A. It depends on your space and style preference; wall-hung saves space, while floor mount is traditional.

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Tera Western Toilet / Commode (Wall-hung EWC) - by Ruhe

Monal Desai

Good quality sanitaryware. Tried and tested! thanks for the quick delivery!

Diwaker Sharma

Purchased both toilet and wall tank from you. Recieved the order. Thank you.


Tera Western Toilet / Commode (Wall-hung EWC) - by Ruhe

RUHE Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Tera Western Toilet Seat / Commode (Wall-hung EWC) - by Ruhe

Rs. 6,784.00 Rs. 11,306.00
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