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Jet Spray

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Jet Spray

What is a Jet Spray?

It refers to bathroom fitting that emits a stream of water at high pressure. Hands-free jet sprays, also known as bidet toilet seats, are toilet attachments that provide a hands-free, hygienic cleaning experience after using the toilet.

How Are They Fixed on The Toilet?

These are small fittings that can be fixed permanently to your commodes or western toilets. The pipe to which the nozzle is attached to is connected to an angle valve or a faucet near the toilet that supplies the water to the jet spray.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Jet Spray for Toilets?

  • - Better sanitation: Since the user doesn't need to touch the device during the cleaning process, hands-free jet sprays can reduce the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.
  • - Cost savings: Over time, reduced toilet paper usage can lead to cost savings, especially for households with multiple people.
  • - Eco-friendliness: Bidet toilet seats reduce the need for toilet paper, which can save trees, water, and energy resources used in its production and disposal.
  • - Improved hygiene: Using water to clean is generally more effective and hygienic than using toilet paper alone, as it helps in thorough cleanliness.
  • - Independence for people with limited mobility: Hands-free jet sprays can make it easier for individuals with physical disabilities or mobility issues to maintain personal hygiene, as they don't need to rely on assistance from others or use their hands for cleaning.

What Are the Materials Used for Jet Spray?

Ruhe jet sprays are made of 304-Grade Stainless Steel as well as strong PTMT both of which are anti-rusting materials and resistant to damages that can be caused due to hard water.

What All Do You Get When You Order a Jet Spray from Ruhe?

  • - Jet Spray Nozzle
  • - Connection Pipe

Why Choose Ruhe Hands-Free Jet Sprays?

  • - Rough & Tough, sustainable, and authentic Raw Material
  • - 1 Year assured warranty
  • - 30-Days Return Window
  • - 100% Made in India
  • - Installation Accessories are Included in the Package without additional Cost

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