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Simple Counter Wash Basin (White) - by Ruhe

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  • MATERIAL: Under-mount Wash basins are built with High-grade Premium Ceramic.

  • FINISH: Luxurious long-lasting Glaze that repels spots and stains.

  • SUITABILITY: Ceramic Basins are designed for easy, secure under-mount or Drop-in installation.

  • MAINTENANCE: Avoid harsh chemicals and acidic cleaners to preserve the lustrous finish.

  • COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: INDIA, Manufactured, Packaged & Marketed by Ruhe Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 100% Made in India.

  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 Wash Basin (*Faucet & Waste Coupling are not included)

Q. How to install under-mount wash basins?

• Measure and Cut the Countertop: Begin by measuring the basin and cutting a hole in the countertop accordingly. This hole should be slightly smaller than the rim of the basin for a seamless fit.
• Prepare the Basin: Apply a silicone sealant around the edge of the cutout on the underside of the countertop to prevent water seepage.
• Secure the Basin: Position the basin in the cutout from underneath and secure it to the underside of the countertop using clips and adhesive.
• Ensure it is level and properly aligned.
• Final Installations: Connect the drain assembly and faucet. Seal any gaps between the basin and the countertop with silicone to waterproof the joint.

Q. Are drop-in wash basins and collar wash basins the same?

Yes, drop-in washbasins are often referred to as collar wash basins. These basins are designed to be installed into a pre-cut hole in the countertop, with the rim of the basin resting on the surface of the countertop, providing a visible edge or 'collar'

. Do we need support from under the counter for these wash basins?

Under-Mount Basins: Yes, under-mount basins need robust support from under the counter because the entire weight of the basin is supported by the underside of the countertop. Supports can include mounting brackets or a strong adhesive along with a supporting frame or cabinet structure.

Drop-In (Collar) Basins: Do not require additional support from under the counter as the countertop itself supports the rim of the basin.

Q. How much granite/slab should be cut to fix this wash basin? Generally, the cutout should be about 1 cm to 2 cm smaller than the overall dimensions of the basin to ensure the edges rest securely on the countertop. Always take professional help or experienced masons (mistry).

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Akshay Sharma

Simple Counter Wash Basin (White) - by Ruhe

Nitesh Sharma

Simple Counter Wash Basin (White) - by Ruhe

RUHE Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Simple Counter Wash Basin (White) - by Ruhe

Rs. 2,725.00 Rs. 4,542.00
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