What is a Rag Bolt or a Rack Bolt?

Rag bolts, also known as rack bolts, are a type of fastener primarily used in sanitary installations such as toilets, washbasins, urinals, and similar fixtures. They are called rack bolts or rag bolts because they provide a secure fitment for various sanitary fixtures against walls or floors.

What are the Components of a Rag Bolt?

The rag bolt consists of a special type of bolt and a plastic casing that goes into the wall. The bolt threads into this casing, which expands as the bolt is tightened, creating a very secure hold that can withstand the weight and usage of the fixture.

Where are these Rack Bolts or Rage Bolts Used?

These bolts are designed to ensure sanitary fixtures stay firmly in place, helping prevent movement or instability that could lead to leaks or other damage. Given their use, they need to be both strong and resistant to corrosion, which would be a particular concern given the humid, often wet environments where they're installed.

As for the installation of rag bolts, they are typically drilled into the wall or floor, with the fixture then mounted onto the bolts. In some cases, a special tool may be required to tighten the bolt properly.

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