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Sink Coupling

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What Is Sink Coupling?

A sink coupling, also known as a sink strainer or sink drain, is a plumbing part that connects the sink to the drain pipe, allowing water and small waste to pass through while preventing larger items from blocking the pipes.

What Are the Components of a Sink Coupling?

  • - Strainer body: The part of the sink strainer that is visible from above the sink. It has holes to allow water and small particles to flow into the drain.
  • - Locknut: The locknut secures the sink strainer in place. It is tightened onto the threads of the strainer body from below the sink.
  • - Rubber and cardboard washer: These washers are placed between the locknut and the bottom of the sink to ensure a watertight seal.
  • - Tailpiece: The tailpiece is the section of pipe that extends down from the strainer body. It connects the sink strainer to the drain pipe.
  • - Basket or Stopper: Some sink couplings come with a basket or stopper that can be placed into the strainer body to stop water from draining out of the sink.

What Kind of Sink Couplings Are Available at Ruhe?

  • - Round PVC Sink Coupling
  • - 304-Grade Stainless Steel Square Sink Coupling

If I Buy a Kitchen Sink From Ruhe, Do I Need to Buy a Sink Coupling Separately?

No. When you purchase a kitchen sink from Ruhe, the installation accessories such as the waste pipe, the sink coupling and an adjustable vegetable basket are all included in the package.

Why Choose Ruhe’s Sink Coupling?

  • - 1 Years Warranty
  • - Sustainable & Authentic Material
  • - 100% made in India
  • - 30 Days Easy Return & Exchange

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