What is a Square Cockroach Trap Floor Drain?

This is a type of Square floor drain designed to prevent cockroaches and other pests from entering a building through the drainage system. These traps are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where there is a risk of pest infestation. The primary function of a square floor jali is to allow water to flow out of a room while preventing sewer gases and pests from entering.

What are the Components of Square Floor Drains with Cockroach Trap?

  • - Drain cover: This is the visible part and usually has a perforated or grated design that allows water to flow through while preventing larger debris from entering the drain.
  • - Drain body: This is the main part of the drain, located below the cover, and is connected to the drainage pipe. It often has a built-in trap or is connected to a separate trap.
  • - Trap: When water flows through the drain, it pushes the trapped water along, maintaining the barrier.
  • - Cleanout access: Some square cockroach trap floor drains have cleanout access, which allows for easy removal of debris and maintenance of the trap.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Square Floor Drain Cockroach Trap in Bathroom?

Features and Benefits of Square Drains:

  • - Pest prevention: The primary benefit of a square cockroach trap floor drain is that it helps prevent cockroaches and other pests from entering your home or building through the drainage system. By maintaining a water barrier in the trap, pests are unable to pass through the drain and gain access to your living spaces.
  • - Odour control: The water barrier in the trap also prevents sewer gases from entering your home or building. Sewer gases can carry unpleasant odours and may even be harmful if inhaled in large quantities. A well-maintained trap will help keep these odours at bay.
  • - Improved sanitation: By reducing the risk of cockroach infestations, it can contribute to a cleaner and more sanitary environment. Cockroaches can carry and spread bacteria, pathogens, and allergens, posing a risk to human health.
  • - Easy maintenance: Many square cockroach trap floor drains feature cleanout access points, making it easy to remove debris and maintain the trap. This ensures that the water barrier remains effective and prevents the buildup of clogs.
  • - Versatility: These square drains can be installed in various locations, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and commercial spaces, to provide effective pest control and proper drainage.
  • - Durability: High-quality square drains are made from durable materials, such as stainless steel or PVC, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable solution to pest control and drainage issues.

By incorporating a drain into your building's design, you can enjoy a cleaner, more sanitary environment with reduced risk of pest infestations and odours.

What are the Varieties of Square Cockroach Trap Floor Drains at RUHE?

Square Cockroach Trap Drains with:

  • - Hinged grating tops
  • - Rotating locks grating tops
  • - Lids
  • - Inbuilt Holes for easy attachment of waste pipes

Why Choose Ruhe Square Cockroach Trap Floor Drains?

  • - 10 Years Warranty
  • - Rust-resistant & Anti-corrosive
  • - 30-Days Return Window
  • - 100% Made in India
  • - Sustainable & Authentic Raw Materials

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