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Towel Ring

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What is a Towel Ring?

A towel ring is a bathroom accessory designed to hold hand towels, making them easily accessible for drying hands or wiping the face.

What are the Different Places You Can Install a Towel Ring?

Towel rings can be installed in various places within a bathroom or adjacent spaces, depending on the layout, available space, and user preferences. Some common locations for installing a towel ring include:

  • - Beside the sink: Installing a towel ring near the sink is convenient, as it allows users to easily dry their hands after washing. This location also helps prevent water from dripping on the floor or other surfaces.
  • - Near the shower or bathtub: Placing a towel ring close to the shower or bathtub can be helpful for users who want to have a towel within easy reach when they step out of the shower or tub.
  • - Next to the vanity: Installing a towel ring next to the vanity or mirror can be useful for users who want to have a towel handy for wiping their face after applying or removing makeup, washing, or brushing their teeth.
  • - Inside a water closet: If a separate water closet exists within the bathroom, placing a towel ring inside can provide a convenient spot for users to have a towel available when needed.
  • - In a guest bathroom or powder room: Installing a towel ring in a guest bathroom or powder room can provide a convenient place for guests to dry their hands after using the facilities.
  • - In a shared bathroom: If multiple sinks are present in a shared bathroom, consider installing a towel ring near each sink to accommodate multiple users.

What is the Benefit of Installing Towel Rings?

  • - Towel rings offer several benefits when installed in a bathroom.
  • - They provide a designated space for hand towels, ensuring they remain clean, off the floor, and easily accessible.
  • - They contribute to the organization and functionality of the bathroom by reducing clutter and promoting a neat appearance.
  • - They improve hygiene, as towels can dry more effectively, discouraging bacterial growth.
  • - Towel rings also enhance the bathroom's aesthetics, as they are available in various designs, materials, and finishes to complement different decors.

By adding convenience and visual appeal, towel rings elevate the user experience and overall satisfaction in the bathroom.

What are the Materials in Which Ruhe Manufactures Towel Rings?

  • - 304-Grade Stainless Steel
  • - Premium Stainless Steel
  • - Brass
  • - Space Aluminium
  • -Unbreakable ABS

Why Choose Ruhe's Towel Rings?

  • - 1 Year Warranty
  • - Sustainable & Authentic Materials
  • - 30-Days Return Window
  • - 100% Made in India
  • -Multiple Designs to Choose From

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