Check Water Tap Price Variation Before Buying

When it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your home, even the smallest details matter. Faucets, those seemingly simple fixtures, play a significant role in our daily lives. Whether it's washing your hands, doing the dishes, or even watering your garden, having the right faucet can make these tasks smoother and more enjoyable.

In this blog, we'll delve into the world of faucets and explore the different types you can buy within different budget ranges, from budget-friendly to more upscale options.

Check Water Tap Price Variation Before Buying

₹400 – ₹1,000 Water Tap Price Range

In this entry-level budget range, you'll find a variety of faucets that cater to basic needs. Here are some types of faucets you can consider:

  • Brass Single Flow and Single Handle Taps: These taps are straightforward to use. With a single handle, you can adjust both water flow and temperature, making them suitable for bathrooms and kitchens alike.
  • Angle Valves for Washbasin Water Supply: Angle valves are essential for controlling water supply to washbasins. They are durable and practical, allowing you to shut off water when needed.
  • Nozzle Taps for Washing Machine: Nozzle taps are perfect for connecting your washing machine. Their simple design ensures a hassle-free water supply to your laundry appliances.
  • Double Handle Two-Way Bib Tap for Garden Area: For outdoor tasks like gardening or cleaning, double-handle taps are handy. They let you control both hot and cold water flows independently.

₹1,000 – ₹3,000 Water Tap Price Range

Stepping up in budget brings more options for both style and functionality:

  • Brass Long Body Pillar Taps for Basins: These taps have an extended body that adds elegance to your basin area. They provide a more graceful water flow and control.
  • Double Handle Basin Mixer: A step up from single-handle taps, basin mixers allow for more precise water temperature control by combining hot and cold water.
  • Single-Handle Spout: These faucets combine a single handle with a high spout, making them ideal for washing larger items in the sink without the worry of spilling water.
  • Kitchen Sink Mixer Faucets: These versatile faucets offer a mix of hot and cold water and are perfect for your kitchen sink.

₹3,000 – ₹5,000 Water Tap Price Range

In this range, you can start exploring more advanced features and designs:

  • Bathroom Shower Diverter Faucets: Diverter faucets let you switch water flow between different outlets, making them great for versatile shower setups.
  • Wall Mixer 3-in-1 for Bathroom: These faucets combine hot and cold water with a shower mixer, offering convenience and a modern look.
  • Telephonic Wall Mixer with Crutch for Hand Shower: Designed for handheld showers, these faucets come with a crutch to hold the showerhead, offering flexibility and ease of use.

₹5,000 – ₹10,000 Water Tap Price Range

For those looking to invest in both style and technology, this range offers high-end options:

  • Modern Pullout Kitchen Sink Mixer Faucet: These faucets come with a pullout spray head, making washing dishes and vegetables a breeze.
  • Designer Single Lever Basin Mixer Taps: Elevate your bathroom's style with designer taps that offer single-lever convenience.
  • Tech-Based Sensor Touchless Faucets: Embrace innovation with touchless faucets that sense your presence and dispense water without physical contact.
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Frequently Asked Queries

What is the Perfect Budget for Bathroom Water Taps?

The perfect budget is ₹1500-₹3000. However, this is just a generalised budget and completely depends on your preferences and needs. Within the ranges mentioned, you can find faucets suitable for various requirements.

Which Water Tap Store Offers the Best Discounts?

Different stores may offer varying discounts at different times. Ruhe’s online store has the best discounts and the best prices for its quality brass faucets. It's a good idea to explore both online and local stores to compare prices and promotions.

Is it Good to Buy a Diverter Tap Instead of Wall Mixer Tap?

The choice between a diverter tap and a wall mixer tap depends on your specific needs. Diverter taps are great for versatile shower setups, while wall mixer taps offer convenience and a streamlined look. Consider your bathroom setup and preferences to make the right choice.

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