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Kitchen Sinks form an integral part of any kitchen and like any other good Samaritan, Ruhe understands this wholeheartedly! They display excellent performance and long-lasting durability with eye-catching minimalist and contemporary designs. These designs seamlessly integrate into the kitchen and décor setting of any household! 
However, here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice for your home considering the material, size, finish, and other needed functionalities! 
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Shape- Round or Square? 

Kitchen sink bowls are either round or oval-shaped or square-shaped. The conventional round bowls fit perfectly in any kitchen. It has rounded edges that prevent dirt from accumulating in the corners making it easy to maintain the sink. 
The Square shaped bowls have more space as compared to the oval sinks. They are heated in a furnace which improves ductility and reduces the hardness making the sink durable and withstand extreme temperatures. 

Single bowl or double bowl? 

Ruhe Kitchen Sinks are available in Single bowl as well as double bowl varieties. In a broad sense, the single bowl suffices the needs of a nuclear family and a double bowl helps keep the kitchen organised in larger households. 
Everyone who loves multi-tasking will enjoy the Ruhe double bowl kitchen sinks: while washing vegetables in the small basin, you can put the designated saucepan in the large basin. If you frequently need to handle large containers or baking dishes, the model with two large basins is the best option (each 457 mm wide).
The model with a drainboard is perfect if you wash your dishes manually every time or if you want to use the surface to prepare food. It gives additional space for your utensils to dry. 


Ruhe sinks are available in multiple sizes to suit your space requirements. The choice is yours: single-bowl sink with or without drainboard? Practical double-bowl sinks with two basins?

Material- Premium or AISI-304 Grade? 

All Ruhe stainless steel sinks are manufactured in either high-quality premium stainless steel or heavy-duty AISI 304-grade stainless steel. The thickness of the steel sheets varies between 0.8mm-1mm making them superior in strength. The stainless-steel kitchen sinks are resistant to rust, scratches, corrosion and add a bold aesthetic to your kitchen space. Needless to say, Ruhe’s kitchen sinks promise efficiency and durability like no other. 

Check out Ruhe’s Kitchen Sinks at https://ruheindia.com/collections/kitchen-sink 

Make the right choices with Ruhe and stay ahead of time! 
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