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Ruhe Brass faucets

Remodeling a space is a task! Especially a sacred place like the “bathroom”! Cohesive design, functionality, and permanence are all important considerations when selecting new bathroom components, including faucets. 

Ruhe is one of the leading brands that offer bathroom and kitchen fittings in an aesthetic design that enhances the modernity of your bathroom. They offer various types of bathroom collections, including faucets, showerheads, floor drains, cockroach trap jali, shower drain channels, PTMT fittings, allied items, and bathroom accessories that design a modern image of your bathroom as per your requirements.

Bathroom Faucets to Evoke the Luxury of Your Contemporary Bathroom!

Liva Faucets

The Liva faucet collections are a timeless and traditional collection with stunning silhouettes and elegant designs, manufactured with German Foam Flow technology that will never go out of style. It offers a diverse range of faucets such as a pillar cock, Bib Cock, Bib cock long body, angle valve, concealed stop cock, and swan neck taps that are widely popular worldwide. These faucets are designed with solid lead-free brass ingots for unbeatable durability, anti-corrosion, and rust-proof qualities. 

Aqua Faucets

The Aqua faucet collections are manufactured with a zero-waste emission setup without compromising on quality and durability. The pillar cock, bib cock, bib cock long body, angle cock, concealed stop cock, and bib cock 2 in 1 faucet in this collection stand out for their aesthetic and high material quality. All of these bathroom faucets have a Foam Flow aerator that filters impurities, reduces the noise of water flowing, and makes the water feel soft on the skin. Ruhe uses a highly efficient aerator that conserves 20% more water without sacrificing functionality.

Vela Faucets

While selecting the right kind of design to complement your bathroom area, the Vela faucet collections provide a seamless variety of options. This is the complexity of simplicity that offers a durable, simple yet luxurious appearance to your bathroom. Allow your home to experience the luxury feel with pillar cock, bib cock, bib cock long body, centre hole basin mixer, wall mixer L blend, and wall mixer telephonic with crutch faucets. These water taps are the perfect balance of aesthetics and innovation in your bathroom.

Rica Faucets

Rica faucet collections are a surprisingly easy way to add boldness to your bathroom. The Ruhe Rica faucets have a beautiful design in a chrome finish and are made from solid brass. The single-control operation allows users to control the temperature of the water with a simple manoeuvre. This collection includes pillar cock, wall mixer non-telephonic, bib cock long body, sink mixer with swivel spout, swan neck swivel spout, and sink cock with swivel spout faucets that create an eye-catching combination with any type of basin or sink.