Filtered Water Tap - New Functionality or An Extra Cost?

In recent years, the filtered water tap has emerged as a trendy kitchen appliance, promising the convenience of clean, purified water at your fingertips. However, with this innovation comes the debate: is filtered water tap a new functionality worth the investment or just an extra cost?

Filtered Water Tap New Functionality or An Extra Cost

Pros of Filtered Water Tap

  • Purified Water: The primary advantage of a filtered water tap is, of course, the access to clean and purified water. These taps are equipped with advanced filtration systems that can remove contaminants, chlorine, and odours, ensuring a healthier and more pleasant drinking experience.
  • Convenience: Filtered water taps eliminate the need for bottled water or separate filtration pitchers. You can enjoy filtered water instantly for drinking, cooking, and even filling up your pets' water bowls.
  • Environmental Impact: By reducing the use of plastic water bottles and water filtration pitchers, filtered water taps contribute positively to the environment.
  • Aesthetics: Many filtered water taps are designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen's aesthetic, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to your sink area.

Cons for Filtered Water Tap

  • Initial Cost: Filtered water taps generally come with a higher upfront cost compared to regular taps without filtration systems. This initial investment might be a deterrent for budget-conscious individuals.
  • Flow Rate Reduction: Depending on the design and quality of the filtration system, some filtered water taps might experience a slightly reduced flow rate compared to regular taps. While this reduction is often minimal, it could be noticeable for tasks that require a strong and steady water flow.
  • Filter Replacement Frequency: The frequency at which filters need to be replaced can be a hassle for some users. Forgetting to replace filters on time could result in reduced water quality and compromised filtration performance.
  • Maintenance: While filtered water taps offer purified water, they require regular maintenance. Filters need to be replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations, which could add to the long-term costs.
  • Finishing and Durability: Some users have reported that the filter attachment can affect the finishing of the tap, leading to concerns about long-term durability and appearance.
  • Brand Availability: Filtered water taps might have a limited range of brands and models to choose from, potentially limiting your options.
  • Compatibility Issues: Some filtered water tap systems might not be compatible with certain types of faucets or plumbing setups. Ensuring compatibility with your existing plumbing infrastructure is crucial before making a purchase.

Tap with Filter Vs. Tap Without Filter

  1. Price: Regular taps without filtration systems are undoubtedly more budget-friendly, making them an attractive choice for those on a tighter budget.
  2. Maintenance: Regular taps don't require additional maintenance like filter replacement, which might be a consideration if you prefer a more hassle-free option.
  3. Finishing: Regular taps generally have a consistent and long-lasting finishing, whereas filtered water taps might have some concerns regarding the impact of the filter attachment on appearance.
  4. Brands: While filtered water taps might be available from fewer brands, it's essential to research thoroughly to find a reliable and reputable manufacturer.
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Frequently Asked Queries

  • How much time does a filtered water tap last in kitchen use?

The lifespan of a filtered water tap can vary based on the quality of the tap and the maintenance provided.

  • Can filters be installed on Ruhe brass faucets?

Many filtered water tap systems are compatible with a variety of faucet types.

  • Is there any change in the flow of water if I use a filtered water tap?

Filtered water taps are designed to provide a consistent flow of water, but some models might have a slightly slower flow due to the filtration process.

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