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How to Get Best Health Faucet Online for Toilet?

Get Best Health Faucet Online

Ayush Jain |

When it comes to bathroom fixtures and amenities, you pick your basins, bathtubs, taps, showers, and toilets with great care and attention to detail. However, the degree of consideration that goes into selecting a 'health faucet' should be the same.

Best Health Faucet for Toilet

What is Health Faucet?

As mentioned earlier, Health Faucets have become an essential bathroom fixture that can be found in every household these days. It is a self-care tool that can be operated manually and mounted on the wall adjacent to or near your toilet seat area or the commode.

Components of a Health Faucet

The health faucet has a small showerhead which usually has silicon nozzles spread evenly on it that deliver a concentrated flow of water. This showerhead is known as the faucet gun and it is attached to a flexible hose that supplies water to it from the water tap it is attached to.

Wall-Mounted health faucets, the product usually comes with a holder that can be fixed on the wall. This holder is basically a stand for your health faucet when not in use.

types of health faucet


  1. The first and primary advantage of using a health faucet over toilet paper is that it is far more hygienic and sanitary. Even with toilet paper, one may feel unpleasant.

  2. According to a survey, most individuals endure discomfort while using toilet paper, which is why switching to a health faucet is preferable.

  3. They are a one-time money investment unlike toilet paper or tissue boxes that need to be periodically bought.

  4. Also, by not using toilet paper, one may help the environment by preserving trees.

  5. Health faucets are incredibly simple to install and require no additional work.

What Things to Consider While Buying A Health Faucet Online?


While buying the health faucet, you need to check what kind of trigger or operation it has to start the water flow. Whether it is a sliding trigger, a push trigger, left or right trigger. The trigger must also be tested for a certain number of operations. Choosing the right trigger will assure you of the durability of the product.


Make sure that your small showerhead on the faucet gun is not metal as it tends to rust and particles tend to easily get stuck on them. An ABS faucet gun or a faucet gun with silicon nozzles is the best in case you have a hard water supply. This material is durable, and can easily be cleaned. The silicon nozzles can be rubbed with the thumb to remove the limescale deposit that has clogged it. Plus, the ABS faucet gun comes in a chrome finish. Therefore, you get a combination of looks and functionality!


The pipe, also known as the supply hose, is a crucial consideration since it links the faucet gun to the source of water. When purchasing, make sure that the length and flexibility of the Hose are optimum for improved reach. A pipe should ideally be between 15 cm and 1.5 feet long, dependent on the distance between the adjacent wall on which the holder is mounted and the toilet seat. You should also make certain that the pipe is leakage-proof.

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