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Which is Better – A rain shower or a Hand shower?

A rain shower or a Hand shower

Ayush Jain |

Bathrooms are sanctuaries for relaxation. We all wish that our bathroom should have the best bathroom fittings installed to give us the most calming and satisfying experience each time we visit.

Showers and relaxation are synonymous. But how to choose between a rain shower head and a hand shower? There is no way to definitively conclude that handheld showerheads are superior to fixed showerheads or vice versa; both have advantages and disadvantages. The choice is difficult, but we are here to help you out!

A rain shower or a Hand shower

Handheld Shower

If you're searching for water- and energy-efficient option, a handheld showerhead is an excellent substitute for your standard fixed showerhead. They come with numerous attachments to make them more comfortable and handier. For people who prefer greater control over their bathing experience, handheld showers are ideal. They also function best when positioned above the tub or shower since they let you go nearer to the water source while maintaining visibility.

Benefits of Handheld Shower

  • Flexibility: Working with a handheld shower gives you flexibility. The shower head detaches from a holder/crutch so you may grab it and direct the water stream where you need it.
  • Convenience: There are times when you just need to wash your hair or a specific body part. With the control of the direction of concentrated water flow, you can easily get the parts you wish cleaned. This saves time and water too!
  • Visibility: You can reach the wall mixer faucet without stooping down if you use a handheld showerhead. Instead, you only spin the knob to adjust the water stream's inclination.
  • Great for kids and the elderly: Rather than wetting yourself while giving your kids a shower, it is better you use a handheld shower where you can direct the water towards your kid only. It might be challenging for the younger or older persons in your life to take a bath. With a handheld shower head, not so much. As dry as you can manage to be, soap may be washed off more readily when you're dry.
  • Great for pets: Pets may be challenging to wash, just like fussy children. Why not avoid spending money by having your dogs groomed? Dogs frequently require baths, but it may be challenging and time-consuming to wash them. Rinsing them off will be simpler with a handheld shower head. Good luck with the kitty baths!
  • Easy to Clean: Since hand showers are easy to access and can be stored on the holders mounted on the wall, it is easier to clean them.

Rain Head Shower

As their name implies, rain shower heads are intended to resemble a relaxing body spray of rain. The typical shower heads seen in most houses are fixed shower heads that are affixed to the shower wall. In contemporary bathrooms, rain shower heads are becoming more and more common. This is due to the fact that they simulate rain by dispersing water via countless microscopic pores. They can be hung from the ceiling or even mounted on the wall.

Rain Head Shower

Benefits of Rain Headshower

  • Full Body Coverage: The mechanism of the rain shower head maintains a balanced water pressure flow, which causes the water to condense into bigger droplets. Rain shower heads contain several nozzles that disperse the water over a broader area. It totally covers your body and makes showering enjoyable. Full body coverage is provided by a rain shower head. Turning on the shower only requires standing underneath it; there is no need to move.
  • Silicon Nozzles: It is easier to clean since it is larger and has a wider, flatter surface. You're good to go after cleaning the rain shower head with a gentle cloth. Rain shower heads include rubberized nozzles that make them easier to clean. Simply wipe the nozzles clean with your fingertips to eliminate any dirt or debris.
  • Simple Installation: Rain shower heads can be installed on your bathroom's walls and ceilings. It may, however, be more difficult than normal shower heads. However, if you properly follow the directions, the procedure can be simplified.
  • Saves water: Ruhe rain shower heads have cutting-edge water-saving technology. Showering also takes less time since the water falls straight and steadily on the entire body at the same time. This also saves water. It's an excellent method for getting more done in less time and with less water.
  • Aesthetically Appealing: The rain shower head is one of the most beautiful bathroom fittings. Installing one is a simple way to make your bathroom appear more beautiful and sophisticated. A rain shower head, in fact, instantly increases the value and beauty of a bathroom.


Is Handheld Shower Better?

Yes! Handheld showerheads have several advantages over traditional ones. The major benefit is convenience: You just need to attach it to your bathroom wall mixer faucet. Another significant benefit is safety: because there is no fear of falling under the weight of a large fixture, you will feel safer having a bath or shower.

Which Shower is Safe?

Considering the usage, handheld showers are safer to use. They provide flexibility in direction. They allow visibility and do not have the tendency to fall off as they are stored on the holders.