How Sanitary Ware Increases Hardware Business Profits?

In the competitive world of retail, hardware stores continually seek ways to expand their product lines and increase profits. Adding sanitary ware to their inventory is a strategic move that can lead to substantial financial benefits.

How Sanitary Ware Increases Hardware Business Profits

Why is Sanitary Ware a Must for Hardware Shops?

Huge Variety

Sanitary ware products, like Ruhe kitchen and sanitary ware bathroom fittings, come in a plethora of styles and functions, allowing hardware stores to cater to a wide range of customer preferences and needs.

High Demand

As homes are built or renovated, the demand for quality sanitary ware remains steady, providing a consistent sales stream. Offering these alongside an online dealership can further boost sales by reaching a wider market.

Better Margins

Sanitary ware often comes with better profit margins compared to other hardware items. High-quality products from reputable brands like Ruhe can command higher prices due to their superior design and longevity.

Multiple Brands

Stocking sanitary ware from multiple brands, including the option to partner as an online dealership for exclusive names, gives customers more choice and reasons to shop at your store.

Types of Sanitary Ware Products

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

From towel rods to soap dishes, bathroom accessories are essential for a complete bathroom setup, and stocking them can significantly increase basket size per customer.

Toilet Accessories

Toilet Accessories

High-use toilet accessories items like toilet flush mechanisms and seats are regularly replaced, ensuring repeat business for hardware stores.

Shower Room Products

Shower Room Products

Luxury items such as high-end shower heads or Ruhe kitchen and bathroom fittings can attract customers looking to upgrade their homes, leading to higher sales.

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Frequently Asked Queries

What are the best products to sell at hardware stores?

Products with high turnover and good margins, like sanitary ware and brand-specific fittings, are often the best choices.

Are all bathroom accessories considered sanitary ware?

Not all. Sanitary ware typically refers to ceramic fixtures, while bathroom accessories encompass a broader range of products.

Do I sell only brand’s sanitary ware goods?

Selling branded goods like Ruhe can enhance your store's reputation for quality, but offering a range of products at different price points can cater to a wider audience.

Incorporating sanitary ware into a hardware store's product offering is a savvy business decision. It provides customers with a one-stop-shop experience and improves profit margins through higher-value sales. Brands like Ruhe offer an array of kitchen and bathroom fittings that promise both style and function, making them a perfect addition to any hardware store looking to enhance its market presence and profitability.

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