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Why is it best to choose overhead showers with silicon nozzles?

  • - Easy to clean: One of the primary advantages of overhead shower silicon nozzles is that they are easier to clean compared to other materials. The flexible nature of silicon allows you to rub or press the nozzles gently to remove any mineral deposits or buildup that may occur due to hard water. This helps maintain a consistent water flow and prolongs the life of the showerhead.
  • - Anti-clogging: Silicon nozzles are less prone to clogging than metal nozzles. The soft, flexible material prevents mineral deposits from adhering to the nozzle openings, reducing the chances of clogging and maintaining optimal water flow.
  • - Lime-scale, mould and mildew resistance: Silicon is naturally resistant to mould and mildew, which is essential in the damp environment of a bathroom. This means you won't have to worry about harmful mould growth on the shower head nozzles.
  • - Comfort: The soft and flexible silicone nozzles can provide a more comfortable and enjoyable shower experience. They are less likely to cause injury if you accidentally bump into the showerhead, and the gentle water flow can create a relaxing sensation.
  • - Durability: Silicon nozzles are less prone to wear and tear compared to metal nozzles, which can corrode or deteriorate over time due to water exposure.

What are the benefits of installing an overhead shower in your bathroom?

  • - Enhanced shower experience: Overhead showers, also known as rain showers, typically have a larger spray area and provide a gentle, rainfall-like experience. This can create a soothing and relaxing sensation that many people find enjoyable and refreshing.
  • - Aesthetic appeal: Overhead showers often have a modern and sleek design that can elevate the look of your bathroom. They can add a touch of luxury and sophistication, making your bathroom more visually appealing.
  • - Even water distribution: These typically provide a more consistent and even water distribution, which can lead to a more efficient and satisfying shower experience.
  • - Reduced water consumption: Many overhead showers are designed to use water more efficiently, with features such as low-flow technology or adjustable flow rates. This can help reduce your water consumption and save on utility bills.
  • - Versatility: These can be combined with other shower systems, such as handheld showers or body sprays, to create a customised and versatile shower experience tailored to your preferences.
  • Improved accessibility: In some cases, overhead showers can offer improved accessibility for people with limited mobility or disabilities. They can be installed at various heights to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Do Ruhe Overhead Showers help in conserving water?

Using Ruhe’s overhead shower can help with water conservation. They are designed to be water-efficient, incorporating features that reduce water consumption without sacrificing comfort or performance.

  • - Low-flow technology: Ruhe overhead showers come with low-flow technology, which is designed to use less water per minute than traditional shower heads.
  • - Aerators: These are incorporated with aerators, which mix air with water to create a fuller spray without using more water. This can help reduce water consumption while still providing a satisfying shower experience.
  • - Adjustable flow rates: Some overhead showers offer adjustable flow rates, allowing you to choose a lower flow rate when you don't need a powerful spray. This can help conserve water during your shower.
  • - Efficient design: Ruhe overhead showers are designed to distribute water more evenly across the spray area, which can help reduce water usage by minimising the need to move around or adjust the shower head constantly.

Why Choose Ruhe Overhead Showers?

  • - 1 Year Warranty
  • - Rust-resistant & Anti-corrosive
  • - 30-Days Return Window
  • - 100% Made in India
  • - Sustainable & Authentic Raw Materials

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