How to Choose the Right Washbasin: Countertop, Wall-Hung, or Pedestal?

Nowadays, the importance of washrooms has risen quite a lot. The urge of various interior designers to incorporate the best of modern bathroom accessories in your washrooms with a given budget has skyrocketed! Amidst this, it's the customer who usually sinks into the dilemma of what kind to purchase - whether to go with a countertop basin to keep up with the contemporary times or to choose a wall-mounted basin and be practical. Ruhe brings a solution to this long-debated issue!

Countertop washbasin

In recent years the countertop washbasin has become particularly popular and one of the most-sold basins for bathrooms. This type of washbasin sits on the top and comes in various shapes, sizes, and depths which can be chosen to suit individual tastes.
The tapware for this washbasin must be chosen to suit the bowl's height. When purchasing a mixer tap, it is important to ensure enough space for you to wash your hands between the basin and the spout.

Tall countertop washbasin

There is also such a thing as a tall countertop washbasin, which is between a standard countertop basin and a freestanding one (see photos on the next page). For this type of basin, the tapware will necessarily be mounted on the wall.
It’s beautiful to look at and very practical to install and use as a sort of washtub in a bathroom-cum-laundry.

Freestanding washbasin

A freestanding washbasin can be “installed wherever you please”. In a way, it’s the evolved, design version of the classic pedestal washbasin we all know so well. However, what makes it different from the traditional basin is that it can be installed from the wall or even in the middle of the room because it is finished on all sides. Depending on its design it can have an integral tap or require a floor-mount, freestanding mixer.
Very stunning, it looks its best in a large bathroom but can even be used as the focal point of a small, designed bathroom.

Materials you can use for your washbasins: 

While inset washbasins are generally made of ceramic, modern countertop, semi-inset, and freestanding versions are available in lots of gloss or matt materials.


What are the benefits of choosing a countertop washbasin from Ruhe India?

Choosing any washbasin from Ruhe India ensures durability, excellent quality and imperative support throughout 10 years and is 100% made in India.

What materials are available for washbasins in Ruhe India, and how do I choose the right one?

At Ruhe, we use only ceramic as it is known for its durability, practicality, sustainability and stain-resistant capability.

How do I decide between a countertop, wall-hung, or pedestal washbasin for my bathroom?

Each has its benefits and drawbacks. It depends on your choice of space and aesthetics and how you wish to adorn it. 

Can tall countertop washbasins be a practical choice for small bathrooms?

Yes, it is a great choice as it saves space and looks wonderful for your space.

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