How to Create a Stylish Bathroom with Modern Materials and Textures

There’s a difference between a bland and lifeless bathroom and one thoughtfully created from someone’s vast imagination. What do you feel when you see or think of a modern bathroom? Plaided with soft colours, with beautiful Greek patterns, laden with soft, ceramic, chic and elegant style of fittings. Let us look at how we can upgrade your normal bathroom to a fancy, out-of-the-ordinary setting.

Linear tiles all the way: 

For a Vasant Vihar Kothi with a New York-style washroom, we recommend oblong tile settings that are laden from the floor to the walls and separate themselves from the rest of the house in its presence of shadowy and long patterns. Our Ruhe tile insert drain channels are a perfect addition to your unique yet stare-worthy piece of washroom. They are invisible and look as if they were never there to begin with. 

Sculptural shower block:

Oh, what a pleasure it must be to take a steaming hot shower in a shower that has a bull body operational setting and a shower block that looks like it's crafted by Michelangelo himself. If you are still in a dilemma about that Pinterest choice that you had saved 5 years ago for your dream bathroom, this is a sign you should go for it. 

The antique touch:

Imagine seeing yourself as Cinderella, waking up after a ballad to your old rustic-looking golden-bordered mirror and the old greenish marble-adorned wash basin bowl with a golden faucet. How do you like it? The imagination only is so pleasurable, think of living that life. It only gets better from here.

Japan is here too

Japan’s advancement in washrooms is something of sheer joy to see. Ruhe’s fabulousness comes here too. Our marble insert drain channels are an amazing fit for your Japanese touch to your washrooms. The Japanese speciality is a monochromatic cedar tub in ofuro style, prominently placed on a platform covered in smooth black limestone tile.

Mosaic tiles: What a beauty!

Mosaic and a couple’s bathroom, what a wonderful combination of beauty. Choose from our wide range of beautiful showers that not only complement your washrooms but speak style in every shower fountain. Micro mosaics give a beautiful cooling effect on your eyes and shower experience.

This speaks royalty:

Royalty in every shower, feel it in this bathroom. Feel like you are in Egyptian times every time you enter this bathroom. A marble archway with an antique clock from the 18th century is sewed together for you, a king/queen yourself. 

Tile it your way:

If you want to tile your Bathroom, switch things up by forgoing white for a fun wall-to-wall colour.


What are invisible drains? 

    The “Invisible Drain” is a revolutionary system that offers modern design and functionality to your bathroom. This innovative design a seamless and sophisticated look, resulting in a visually stunning shower that is also highly practical and efficient.

    Do all Ruhe drain channels have a cockroach trap?

      Yes, all Ruhe drain channels have a cockroach trap to keep your pests way. 

      Are marble drain channels efficient in draining water?

        Marble floor drains are inexpensive but provide plenty of drainage to any shower. The pros of this drain are that it is inexpensive, very commonly found, can get them with square and round grills and cons are that this isn't an honest choice for curb-less showers and doesn't work well with large tiles.

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