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How to Make Small Bathroom Luxurious with Sanitaryware Items?

How to Make a Small Bathroom Luxurious with Sanitaryware Items

Ayush Jain |

Luxury doesn't always require ample space. Transforming a small bathroom into a lavish retreat is entirely possible with the right sanitaryware items. In this guide, we'll explore the importance of choosing sanitaryware items in India, the top items to make your small bathroom luxurious, and answer some common questions.


Why is it Important to wisely Choose Sanitaryware Items in India?

  • To Get Better Designs: Indian sanitaryware brands offer a wide range of designs, catering to various aesthetics and preferences. You can find sleek, modern, and classic options to match your bathroom decor.
  • To Get Material Match: Coordinating your sanitaryware with other bathroom fixtures and accessories is essential for a cohesive look. Indian brands offer diverse materials, ensuring you can find a perfect match.
  • To Get Similar Warranty: Purchasing sanitaryware items from Indian brands often means consistent warranties, simplifying after-sales service and maintenance.

Top Sanitaryware Items to Make Small Bathroom Luxurious

  1. Stylish Faucets: Choose faucets that blend functionality with aesthetics. Modern and elegant faucets can instantly elevate your bathroom's look and feel. Chrome plated brass faucets are the best and the most trending faucets. Their silver finish complements bold and soft colour schemes. 
  2. Luxury Shower and Accessories: Invest in a luxurious shower head with adjustable settings. Complement it with high-quality accessories like towel racks and robe hooks. Unbreakable ABS and 304-Grade Stainless Steel showers are durable and add luxurious convenience to shower areas.
  3. Drain Channels: Opt for efficient and aesthetically pleasing drain channels. Linear drains or hidden drains can enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom. These invisible drain channels like the tile-insert and the marble-insert drain channels are equipped with voluminous drainage and come with cockroach traps to prevent pests and odour in your bathroom.
  4. Soap Dishes and Tumbler Holders: Small details matter. Coordinated soap dishes and tumbler holders can add sophistication to your bathroom.
  5. Designer Wash Basins: Select a designer wash basin that suits your style. Wall-mounted or pedestal basins can save space and exude luxury.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get sanitaryware items from a single brand?

Yes. When you buy all the sanitaryware from one brand, you get better offers on prices and better long-term services. It's advisable to choose sanitaryware items from the same brand to ensure design and material consistency.

Can I get some customizations in sanitaryware items?

Many Indian sanitaryware brands, like Ruhe, offer customization options. You can discuss your specific requirements with the manufacturer to create bespoke solutions.

How to find the best sanitaryware brands in India?

To find the best sanitaryware brands, consider factors like reputation, product range, material quality, and customer reviews. Ruhe is one of the fastest-growing sanitaryware brands that offers luxurious kitchen and bathroom fittings online.