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Kitchen Sink Designs You Cannot Ignore

Kitchen Sink Designs You Cannot Ignore

Ayush Jain |

What completes your kitchen’s looks? what is that one thing that can change the entire appearance of your kitchen’s décor? What is that one that speaks volumes about a kitchen aesthetic?


Kitchen Sink Designs You Cannot Ignore

One thing you cannot readily modify is the style of the kitchen sink. In light of this, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the effects of kitchen sink design before making a choice. Your kitchen sink design is crucial to the overall aesthetic and appearance of the kitchen as well as the kitchen activities. Choosing the right kitchen sink design, therefore, becomes essential!

Typically, people view the kitchen sink as solely a functional requirement, something needed to wash utensils. It is therefore simple to ignore the kitchen sink layout. But with so many models on the market today, it is only normal to be confused about how to pick the finest kitchen sink style.

3 Things To Consider Before You Finalize A Kitchen Sink Design

Material That Matches

Not only should the material be durable and long-lasting, but it should also look good with the rest of the kitchen décor for the sake of visual appeal. When it comes to looks and durability, 304-Grade stainless steel sinks offer the best deal. They come with options for glossy shiny or a rustic matte finish and the steel has anti-rusting and corrosion resistant properties making it last for a lifetime.

Size – Not Too Big Not Too Small!

The size of the kitchen sink is the ultimate game-changer. Any kitchen sink design you choose has to be of the appropriate size to blend in with the kitchen aesthetics as well as fulfil all your cleaning and washing needs in the kitchen.

Maintenance & Warranty

While buying a specific kitchen sink design, it is important that you look into the kind of maintenance the kitchen sink needs and the warranty it comes with. Kitchen sinks are fittings that cannot be changed often. Once fixed, they are supposed to be fully functional and performed for a long time. Look out for kitchen sink designs that require less maintenance and have a long warranty period.

Top 3 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Designs

Square Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Manufactured in 304-Grade Stainless Steel, these sleek square sinks give a smart and neat look to your kitchen space. The corners are slightly rounded which prevents dirt from sticking, making this kitchen sink design the most practical one. The square sinks especially undergo a process called annealing which increases the sink’s ductility and prevents it from denting and breakage.

Oval Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

These oval sink bowls with drainboards are ideal for people who are looking for kitchen sink designs that offer extra space for kitchen activities like chopping, washing, drying, etc. The oval sink has a beautiful well-defined rim that extends into a spacious drain board with grooves that allow water to drain quickly from the board to the sink.

Handmade Double Bowl

The beautifully handcrafted kitchen sinks offer a rustic yet contemporary look to your kitchen space. They also offer extra space than the normal square sinks, since the surface gives you a perfect rectangular shape with slightly rounded corners for easy maintenance. The spacious handmade sinks are ideal for modular kitchens and modern open kitchens.

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Which Kitchen Sink is Easy to Clean?

Kitchen sinks have a tendency of accumulating dire or waste in the corners of the surface. Always go for kitchen sinks that have slightly rounded corners. Even Ruhe square bowls and Ruhe handmade sink bowls have rounded corners that make them easier to clean and maintain.

Can I Get a Customized Double Bowl Sink?

Yes. You can customize your Ruhe double sink bowls to fix table-mount or countertop mixer faucets on either side of the sinks or even in the Centre of the sink.

Where Can I Get Rust-Free Sinks In India?

Ruhe manufactures most of its kitchen sink designs in 304-Grade stainless steel which is the best quality of steel available in the market as it has rust-proof and anti-corrosive properties. Due to the high percentage of nickel content (8%) in the steel composition, these sinks resist rusting due to moisture and water.

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