What Are The Best Materials For Bathroom Fittings?

Bathroom fixtures and fittings are important elements for every household considering their heavy and constant usage. The most suitable bathroom fittings must be installed for the utmost convenience and practicality in the long run.

What Are The Best Materials For Bathroom Fittings

Here is a list of Materials and Bathroom Fittings that can never go wrong:


Stainless steel is one of the most versatile as well as commonly used materials for manufacturing kitchen fittings. The reason lies in its powerful values and characteristics. Fittings built with stainless steel are therefore much preferred in bathrooms these days. Stainless steel is resistant to rusting, corrosion and spotting. These qualities make it the most suitable material for bathroom fittings.

Here are a few stainless-steel bathroom accessories that are an absolute must for your bathrooms:-

  • Floor Drains – For your bathroom shower areas and the toilet seat areas, stainless steel floor drains with cockroach traps offer effective drainage along with the prevention of pests, blockage, and odour.

  • Robe Hooks – Hanging clothes and keeping your bathrooms mess-free can be achieved by installing stainless steel robe hooks on bathroom doors. The stainless-steel robe hooks are rust-free and do not damage the clothes.
  • Soap Dishes – A designated place for your soap bars ensures your soaps last longer as the stainless-steel soap dishes have holes carved in them to drain out excess water from the soap after every use.
  • Toilet Paper Holder - A tissue paper roll near your toilet area is an important element that helps in maintaining hygiene. A stainless-steel paper holder offers a neat appearance as well as a convenience within reach.

  • Foldable Towel Rack - Ideal for installation in compact bathrooms, these stainless-steel towel racks are foldable and can be used as per the requirement. The bathroom fitting is multifunctional as it has a rack, a rod, and hooks offering ample space for storage.
  • Towel Ring - Keeping a hand towel next to your wash basin has now become a basic etiquette. Glossy Stainless steel towel rings near your Mirrors add a silver lining to your bathroom aesthetic.
  • Towel Rod – The plain, simple, and sleek stainless steel towel rods have a good load-bearing capacity and are ideal for installation in shower areas.
  • Shelf Trays – Organize your toiletries and keep them handy at all times whenever you are in the bathroom with corner shelf trays and rectangular shelf trays that offer extra space and a neat vibe.
  • Jet Sprays – Live a healthy, hygienic, and germ-free life with stainless steel jet sprays that are non-corrosive and resistant to scaling. The jet sprays can be easily affixed on the toilet seat and come with a shower tube.

  • Shower ArmStainless steel shower arms are used to install your overhead showers. These are tough, can withstand extreme temperatures of water and have the endurance to high water pressure.


Brass is one of the oldest materials used to manufacture bathroom fittings. With 0% lead content, these days and natural purifying properties, Brass faucets are becoming the trending bathroom fitting. They are safe, strong, durable, and compatible with extreme moisture and dry conditions.

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer Faucet: The tall and sleek faucet with a single handle for hot and cold water offers a style-statement look for countertop washbasins. With its minimalistic look, this mixer faucet enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your washbasin area.

  • Angle Valves: The stop valves or angles valves are important fittings that allow you to turn off the water supply to your other bathroom fixtures and fittings like geysers, washbasins, Flush tanks etc. They are a part and parcel of every bathroom.

  • 3-in-1 Wall Mixer Faucet: The multifunction wall mixer faucet completes your shower area. This single bold and beautiful fitting allows you to control the water supply in overhead showers, hand showers and faucets.

  • 2 Way Bib Taps: The most common bathroom faucets are bib taps. These two-way taps allow connection of two fittings from the same water source. They can be installed near toilet seat areas to attach health faucets and can be used as a normal tap at the same time.


PTMT, PVC and ABS are all recyclable plastic polymers that are tested to endure extreme temperatures and resist any kind of water-related damage like rusting and corrosion. Bathroom fittings made from these materials are economical and are therefore preferable in most households.

Here are a few popular bathroom fittings:

  • Showers: ABS overhead showers with silicone nozzles are the best picks for your shower areas that not only provide a rain-loke experience but also save you from hair fall and skin problems due to lime-scale deposition.

  • Taps: PTMT water taps are ideal fittings for small bathrooms and require minimal maintenance. The PTMT material can be cleaned with any strong detergent and can endure extreme hot & cold temperatures.

  • Health Faucet: One of the most common bathroom fittings in any Indian household is the ABS Health Faucet which is a hygienic hand shower installed near your toilet seat areas. They come with a flexible shower tube allowing ease of accessibility and a wall-mount holder.

  • Flushing Cistern: The PVC flushing cisterns are the most practical bathroom fittings as they do not rot, peel, stain or rust due to constant contact with water, ensuring their long-lasting durability.
  • Toilet Seat Cover: PVC toilet seat covers make for the most hygienic and sanitary piece of your toilet seat area. They are easy to clean after every use and dry up quickly each time after use. Their hinges are strong and durable and do not harden due to heavy usage.
  • Washbasin Waste Pipe: PVC waste pipes have smooth interiors and ensure rapid drainage. The material is thick, resistant to rotting and prevents leakage and any sticking of waste that flows down the basin.
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