Brass Bathroom Faucets – Manufactured with Pure Brass Ingot

How Brass Bathroom Faucets Better Than Stainless Steel?

Brass cannot be compared with stainless steel as both materials have their fair share of advantages. However, when it comes to its composition, brass faucets are made from pure brass ingot which has about 70% copper and 30% Zinc. Since this alloy does not have any iron content in it, the risk or chances of corrosion is next to zero. This makes it a perfect material for manufacturing Faucets. Brass Faucets are anti-corrosive and are the most compatible material with water.

Brass Bathroom Faucets – Manufactured with Pure Brass Ingot


Brass faucets manufactured by Ruhe are absolute ‘Lead-Free’. With no lead content in these faucets, the water flowing from them is safe for your skin, hair, and drinking water. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that pure brass has purifying characteristics. They release certain ions in the water that kill germs and other harmful bacteria and act as a water-cleanser.

Top 9 Types of Brass Bathroom Faucets in India

  • Brass Pillar Cock Faucet (Short and Tall Body)

Pillar taps have a table mount installation type and can be fixed on to of wash basins or sinks. They have a hassle-free single handle that allows smooth operations. The pillar cock faucet is also available with a tall body. This is suitable for modern-day countertop wash basins.

  • Bib Cock Faucet (Short and Long Body)

Bib Cock taps are standard water taps that are suitable for installation on walls. They can be installed in bathrooms, toilet seat areas, gardens, washing areas, and so on. The other variant in bib taps is the one having a long body or an extended spout for the flow to fall a little farther to the wall.

  • Nozzle Bib Cock Faucet

Brass bib taps also come with a detachable or removable nozzle. This nozzle can be fixed on the outlet of the tap and makes it easy for you to attach pipes to the water tap. With nozzle bib taps you can connect washing machine pipes, garden pipes, dishwasher pipes, etc.

  • 2 in 1 BIB Cock Faucet (Available with Double Handle)

Ideally installed in toilet seat areas, these faucets have a dual function. They have one outlet which can be used as a normal water tap and the other outlet can be made to connect to a health faucet. This means, with a single source of water, you can supply water to two places/usages. These faucets are available with double handles as well wherein you can control the flow in each outlet using separate handles.

  • Centre Hole Basin Mixer Faucet

The mixer faucet has 2 handles that provide the option for hot and cold-water supply. The centre hole mixer is suitable for installation on wash basins. Quarter-turn handles give you the option of mixing water as per your desired temperature.

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer Faucet

The single lever basin mixer faucet is again a hot and cold water tap that allows you to mix water using just one handle. this faucet comes with a single lever/handle that has a 180 ° turn operation with high-performing cartridges that last for a lifetime. With a countertop installation type, the tall sleek yet bold body of the faucet gives a luxurious aesthetic to your bathroom washbasins.

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  • 3-in-1 Wall Mixer

The 3-in-1 wall mixer faucet is a complete bathroom fitting in itself for your shower areas. This single fitting has two separate quarter-turn handles for controlling and mixing hot and cold water and one half-turn handle in the middle to switch the water flow between the faucet and the hand shower. A tip ton button on the faucet’s spout allows you to attach and operate a hand shower as well. All three functions from a single source of water are made available to you through this multi-functioning wall mixer.

  • Single Lever Wall Mixer

A single lever wall-mixer is a contemporary faucet with a different design. The spout and the handle/lever are fixed on a chrome-plated brass frame. The stylish lever is half-turn enabled and is tested for 5,00,000 operations. The mixer faucet allows you to mix hot and cold water for the desired temperature of water flow.

  • Bathtub Spout (Available with Tip Ton)

These brass spouts are exclusively designed for bathtubs. They are beautifully designed spouts with German foam flow aerators fixed onto their outlets. The bathtub faucets are also available with a tip-ton variant that allows you to connect a hand shower and operate it with the tip-ton button on the spout.

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