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Overhead Shower - Dance in the Rain of Luxury

Shahab Khan |

Bathroom shower

While some like to bathe in a rain-like setting, others wish to take a long and soothing shower for relaxation. Needless to say, the usefulness of a shower in our everyday life cannot be underestimated. Many of us look forward to a great refreshing shower to start and finish the day because of the sensation of revitalization and absolute calmness we get while bathing in a shower. Showers, like the toilet hand-shower, faucets, and other sanitaryware, are an essential feature of any bathroom and serve our hygiene requirements on a daily basis. Ruhe understands the value of this experience and knows how vital it has become for everyone today to choose a perfect shower that fits their desired needs and bathroom aesthetics perfectly!

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Ruhe Overhead Showers: 

Sturdy Manufacturing

The overhead showers are manufactured in premium quality ABS which is the most suitable material for bathroom accessories and fitting. The material is strong and unbreakable. The showerheads are chrome plated and give a high-reflective shiny appearance which would surely add class and style to your bathroom décor. The heavy-duty, resilient brass socket/ball connection on these rain showers allows you to change the angle of the showerhead.

Water-Saving Technology

Ruhe overhead showers are designed to pour out the water at intense pressure. This saves water because even with a low-pressure supply in a household, the showerhead will deliver water at high pressure! This means while having the most rejuvenating experience of the day, you are still saving a lot of water. The design is such that it creates an illusion of heavy rainfall but in reality, is using a very little amount of water! 

Full Coverage

The design of the showerhead nozzles is such that they are spread out evenly to give out a concentrated flow. Each nozzle discharges the same amount of water at a time, at the same rate, making your showering experience. The broadness and structure of the showerhead allow your body to have full exposure to water within a few seconds after you turn on the shower. 

Lasts for a lifetime

The showerheads have long-Lasting durability. The strong ABS material does not flake, rot or peel and is tested for extreme temperatures of water. The overhead showers are resistant to rust, corrosion and hard water. 

Easy Maintenance

The showerheads can be installed manually which makes the maintenance easier and hassle-free! The waterfall shower head is equipped with soft linear silicon nozzles and is removable which makes it easy to clean lime scales and other impurities. You just need to unscrew the showerhead and rub the nozzles with your thumb or a cloth to remove the blockages.