Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling to Avoid Mistakes

Mistakes in bathroom renovation may ruin even the best-laid intentions. Remodelling or building a new bathroom is an exciting undertaking that you'll want to do right the first time so you don't compromise on your room's layout or wind up investing more than you planned.

It is always better to chalk out the entire plan! Here are a few things you should definitely consider and keep in mind before starting the revamping or building project.

Avoid Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Avoid Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Plan your budget

Make sure you have a budget in mind before you start. All things that follow have to align with this budget of yours, irrespective of anything else. This would save you time, provide boundaries to your options and make it easier for you to decide on those options.

Starting from the tiles, sanitaryware, electronics, bathroom fittings like taps, shower, drains, bathroom accessories like towel rods, soap dishes, and even health faucet, and the colour of paint, everything needs to be thought of before you make a budget.

Compare the Prices

After making a budget, you should definitely compare the prices of these products. Today, everything is available online. It is better to research first and then make your decisions. For example, if you are thinking of buying a geyser and attaching hot water taps, you must search for the best brands which fall under your budget for the specific department.

Ventilation is important

The bathroom usually is a humid area and therefore appropriate ventilation is essential. It is critical to select an exhaust fan that is large enough for the room, since humidity may be trapped and lead to moulding and mildew over time.

Keep in mind that mould and mildew are not only unpleasant and can ruin the appearance of your room, but they can also have serious health repercussions for the entire family. Always examine the fan's specifications to ensure it's suitable for your bathroom.

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Good Lighting is the key

The lighting in your bathroom should be in proximity to your bathroom fixtures. For example, you should have an ample amount of lighting in your washbasin area, then there should be a considerate amount of light in the bathing area, a small night bulb for when the bathroom is not in use and you have guests in your house and you don’t want them to struggle to find the switch.

The lighting scheme should also be in line with the colour scheme of the bathroom. If you have a creamy beige décor then you can go for mind yellow lights, if you have a dark décor with colours like navy blue or black, white lights will make the colours pop and brighten your bath space.

Avoid designs that can cause flooding

Always make sure that your bathroom slants to a single corner or a single side. This would avoid flooding in your bathrooms and keep them clean and dry. You could also install big long drains or shower channels which have a good water drainage capacity.

Colours and themes

People commonly make the mistake of choosing normal paint when remodelling their bathrooms, failing to realize that the shower will cause your walls to become wet on a regular basis. Instead, use mould and mildew resistant paint to avoid degradation.

Before repainting your bathroom, you should also apply an oil-based primer. This will assist to conceal any stains and provide an even base. Always choose the colours according to the theme of your bedroom or the room the bathroom is in. This gives a continuous look.

The right position for the right bathroom accessories

Yes, it is exciting to choose every new bathroom fitting and fixture that would make all of your fantasy bathroom ideas come true, but you must consider the size of your bath space. Avoid cramming up your bathroom with too many things.

Also, you need to make sure that your bathroom accessories are positioned appropriately. For example, towelwel bars and accessories should be fastened to framing rather than drywall, where they will be torn out of the wall following the first tug of the towel, mirror height should be determined by you and not the plumber or the installer.

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