How to Replace a Floor Drain in the Bathroom?

A good drainage system speaks for itself. When your bathroom is equipped with good floor drains, the bathroom automatically becomes hygienic and any sanitation problem is half solved. But everything comes with a time written on it. So, if you haven’t paid attention to your floor drains, then now is the time!

How to Replace a Floor Drain in the Bathroom

When should you replace a floor drain?

If you observe any of the following things on your floor drains, then it is time you need to replace them and get an updated drainage system for your bathrooms.

  • Rusted: Floor drains made of poor quality steel or any other cheap material often have the tendency of corroding and rusting after excessive use. However, floor drain will always be in contact of water and rusting is inevitable if there is low-quality material used. So, if you see your floor drain rusting, it is time to change it.
  • Backflow: A lot of time the sewage pipes are too clogged due to the waste accumulated in them. This results in backflow of water. This creates a mess in the bathroom and has a potential of spreading diseases and sickness. Therefore, if your floor drains are doing this often, its time to get your sewage pipes thoroughly cleaned and the floor drains changed.
  • Insects:  If you have observed a sudden influx of cockroaches or other insects in your bathroom, the sewage pipes have been infested with these creepy crawlies and are now finding a way out through the floor drains. This means you need to quickly switch to a cockroach trap floor drain to avoid this situation.
  • Misplacement: Even if your Jali is fixed on the floor with Putty, with time the putty erodes with the constant contact of water and that is when the floor drain starts moving or getting misplaced from its original place. If you find yourself continuously adjusting the drain cover of the floor drain, then its time to change the floor drain.

How to remove your old floor drain?

The first step in changing the floor drains is to remove the old ones. You need to check the installation type. If they are stuck on the floor, you need to scratch-open the edges of the floor drain to remove them. You can use lubricants for this as well. Before removing the system entirely, check for any existing blockages. If you find that your sewage pipes underneath are blocked, make sure you get them cleaned first.

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What should you look for in a new floor drain?

There are two types of installations that a floor drain comes with.

  1. Collar Floor Drain: The floor drain has slightly rounded edges which allow a firm grip on the floor.
  2. Flat Cut Floor Drain: The floor drain comes with flat edges that allow quick and easy installation.

How to Install Collar Floor Drain?

Collar floor drains have rounded or curved edges which give a tight grip on the floor. To install this, ask your mason to even the floor drain with the floor tile or marble. The mason may have to cut the tile/marble and apply putty for evening out the floor drain with the existing flooring. The process is simple and hassle-free.

How to Install Flat Cut Floor drain?

A flat-cut floor drain is the easiest to install. You just have to place the floor drain on the drain hole. Make sure that you have purchased the correct size of the floor drain. A bigger size may not fit and a smaller one may defeat the drainage purpose. So, measure the drain holes before you purchase a flat-cut floor drain.


How much time the replacement of the floor drain takes in the bathroom?

It takes hardly a few hours, rather minutes to replace an old floor drain with a new one.

What is the life of stainless steel floor drains?

RUHE 304-Grade Stainless Steel Floor drains are guaranteed to last for 10 years and even more based on the type of maintenance, care and usage.

Is cockroach trapped floor drain worthful for the shower area?

Yes, cockroach trap floor drains are the most effective floor drains in terms of preventing insects from crawling out of sewage pipes and bad-smelling bathrooms. These floor drains allow quick drainage and keep the bathrooms clean and dry at all times.

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