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Why Installation of Linear Shower Drain Best for Bathroom?

Installation of Linear Shower Drain for Bathroom

Ayush Jain |

What is Linear Shower/Floor Drain?

Linear shower drains or shower drain channels are long rectangular floor drains that can be installed parallelly along one of the sides of any shower area in a bathroom. Their build is such that they integrate seamlessly with the floor of your bathroom or shower areas and give a beautiful contemporary appearance.

Installation of Linear Shower Drain for Bathroom

Benefits of Linear Drain Channels in India

STRONG BUILD – AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Steel as it is the best material to be used for spaces where there is water usage. The body of the shower drain channel consists of a grating top, a tray and a cockroach trap. All these elements are made from the highest and the to-most quality of stainless steel available for the production of bathroom fittings – AISI-304 Grade Stainless Steel. This steel has anti-corrosion and anti-rusting properties which makes it last a long time.


Ruhe Drain Channels abide by the “bigger the drain, faster the drainage” quote quite seriously! The drain channels are bigger than the standard floor drains. The bigger sizes of these drain channels give them a larger surface area for the grating top through which the water gets drained. The water from the bathrooms or shower areas, therefore, gets quickly drained, drying the space within no time.

UNBEATABLE DURABILITY – 10 Years Full Warranty

Linear shower drain channels by Ruhe come with an unbeatable warranty of 10 years. The durability is assured by the purity of the raw material and the technological makeup. The anti-corrosive and rusting properties of the steel add to the indefinite durability and allow the drain channels to be your perfect partner for drainage in bathrooms for years to come.


What happens with the normal square or round floor drains is that it breaks the flow of the flooring. The shower drain channels are made to integrate seamlessly with the floor tiles, marble or even granite. For this special tile insert and marble insert shower drain channels are designed. They make the entire drainage system in your bathrooms look absolutely luxurious, nothing less than the top starring hotels in the world!


Does a Linear Shower Drain is Available with Cockroach Trap?

Yes. All Ruhe shower drain channels come with a side hole that has a cockroach trap attached to it. The cockroach trap prevents pests and bad smells from seeping into your bathroom space.

Which is the best quality linear shower drain brand available in India?

Any Ruhe Stainless Steel Shower Drain is the ideal and the best pick of shower drains from the market. Ruhe shower drain channels are high in functionality, style and durability.

Where can I get the best linear drain channel for my Home in India?

Ruhe Shower Drain channels are available online. You can order a linear drain for your bathroom shower areas just with a few clicks and the product will reach your doorstep without any extra charge for shipping. Visit the Ruhe Official Website for the best offers on shower drain channels!