Shri Lal Chand Garg from Delhi Installed and Reviewed RUHE Kitchen Sink

Who is Mr. Lal Chand Garg?

Mr. Lal Chand Garg, a resident of New Delhi and was looking for a replacement for his old kitchen sink. While browsing the internet he came across Ruhe. Intrigued by the variety, designs and price of Ruhe Kitchen & Bathroom fittings, he decided to get a new kitchen sink from Ruhe.

Why he purchased a sink with a drainboard from RUHE?

Mr. Lal Chand Gard earlier had a sink with a drainboard. He wanted to replace this old sink with a new one, but with a similar structure. He wanted that extra space on his kitchen sink station for prepping activities like washing and chopping vegetable, and also for stacking dirty dishes or even cleaning dishes to drain out the excess water. This is the reason why he opted for a smart stainless steel kitchen sink with a grooved and spacious drainboard.

How he finds RUHE online?

Mr. Lal Chand Garg was mighty impressed with quick support in terms of assistance in selecting the perfect fit (sink) for his kitchen, quick delivery and smooth payment system at Ruhe.

What did he say in his review?

A humble, Mr. Lal Chand Garg gave his honest review to RUHE.

 Team Ruhe appreciates the feedback and promises to stay connected for all your future needs.

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