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How to Change or Install a Kitchen Sink Tap?

How to Change or Install a Kitchen Sink Tap

Ayush Jain |

Kitchen sink taps are integral to every household. Adding a new kitchen faucet may make the difference between a dream and a drab kitchen.

Ruhe gives you five simple instructions that will help you replace your old taps.

How to Change or Install a Kitchen Sink Tap

  • Pick the right fit

With the dynamic environment in terms of innovation, new designs of kitchen sink taps have come into the market. It is essential that once you’ve decided to change your kitchen tap, you first choose the perfect fit for your sink based on your needs. You need to check beforehand whether you need a wall mount or a countertop faucet. Apart from that you also have to choose between the swivel spouts, mixer (hot and cold), swan neck, double handle or single lever. Apart from this, the size/length of the spouts also needs to be taken into consideration.

  • Turn off your main water supply

The first thing after choosing your desired taps is to turn off your main water supply. This will avoid any wastage of water while changing the faucet. After switching off the main water supply, turn on the taps to collect the excess water that was in the pipes.

  • Remove the old water tap

After the water from the pipes has completely been drained, you can now remove the old faucet. Check for screws and locks and carefully undo them. After they are loosened up, the removal of the water tap will be easier. Lift the old faucet away from the sink and the old pipe work.

  • Position the new one

For your tap to sit on top of your basin with the thread sticking out below, attach the threaded stem to it and slide it into the hole on the sink. A washer can be incorporated to ensure that the tap fits firmly. Your tap is now securely attached to your sink after you tighten the nut on the threaded stem. In the case of a wall mount sink tap, the same process needs to be carried out, only the installation accessories might be a little different. For instance, there may be a Flange that you will have to fix over the threads of the tap.

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  • Turn on your water supply

Switch on your main water supply valve. The water will be driven through first, then any air that has backed up into the faucets or pipes. We advise that all taps be set to 'open' at the instant the water supply is turned back on because if your new tap is set to 'closed' and the air rushes through, it might potentially damage the new tap. Once the water starts flowing again, keep in mind that some of the other taps in your home may still be left open, so turn them off.

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