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Things to Remember Before Kitchen Sink Installation

Things to Remember Before Kitchen Sink Installation

Ayush Jain |

Here are 5 Things You Need to Consider Before You Buy a New Kitchen Sink

Things to Remember Before Kitchen Sink Installation

  1. Design of the Kitchen Sink
    The aesthetics of your kitchen should be reflected in the style of your sink. This encompasses its shape, colour, and whether it is top-mounted (drop-in) or under-mounted.
    Some prefer the sleek lines and seamless integration of an under-mount design, while others relish the traditional charm of a top-mounted sink. Also, consider the number of bowls you want. Single-bowl sinks offer ample space for large pots and pans, while double-bowl sinks provide separate areas for washing and rinsing, or food prep and cleaning.
  2. Size of Sink
    The dimensions of the sink should be dictated by the space you have available. This not only refers to the surface area of your countertop but also the cabinet space beneath, which will accommodate the basin.
    It is paramount to balance functionality with proportionality. An oversized sink might dominate a small kitchen, whereas a petite sink might be insufficient for a larger, busier kitchen.
  3. Material of Kitchen Sink
    The constitution of your kitchen sink affects its durability, maintenance needs, and appearance. Stainless steel is a perennial favourite due to its robustness and versatility. It can withstand the trials of time, heat, and sharp objects.
    Cast iron coated with porcelain enamel offers a vintage aesthetic with exceptional resilience, while fireclay and granite composite provide a unique and increasingly popular look with substantial durability. Each material has its own attributes and needs in terms of maintenance and care, so it's essential to evaluate these factors according to your personal comfort and lifestyle.
  4. Selection of Sink Tap
    This decision depends not only on design considerations but also on functional aspects. Single-handle faucets are user-friendly and easy to regulate, while double-handle faucets afford precise temperature control.
    You also have the option of pull-down or pull-out sprayers, and the increasingly popular hands-free faucets. Make sure to consider the tap’s finishing which should complement other hardware in your kitchen for a harmonious aesthetic.
  5. Proximity to the Stove
    Ideally, your sink should be situated in close relation to your stove and fridge, forming an efficient 'working triangle'. This traditional kitchen design concept minimizes steps between these zones, optimizing efficiency during meal preparation.
    If possible, plan your kitchen so the sink has a view as well – perhaps a window to the outdoors – which can make the time spent at the sink more enjoyable.

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