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Tired of Old Kitchen Sink Designs?

Tired of Old Kitchen Sink Designs

Ayush Jain |

Are you looking for an upgrade for your old conventional kitchen sinks? If yes, then you have landed on the right page!

Ruhe recently launched beautifully handcrafted and drawn stainless steel kitchen sink designs that would make for an excellent upgrade to your kitchens! They have appealing minimalist and contemporary looks and exhibit exceptional performance and long-lasting durability. These designs perfectly merge into the kitchen and interior ambience of any home!

Tired of Old Kitchen Sink Designs

The kitchen sinks are manufactured indigenously with premium grade and AISI 304-Grade stainless steel that assure strong durability as they are scratch, breakage, rust and corrosion resistant. 

Best Fit Kitchen Sink Designs

Square or Oval Single Sink

Square or Oval Single Sink designs

Single bowl kitchen sinks are the most classic type of sinks. The single bowls come in either oval shapes where the sides are completely rounded or square shapes where the sides are straight. However, both the bowls have slightly rounded corners making it easier for you to clean these sinks. The dirt does not stick or get jammed in these. These single bowl sinks are ideal for smaller households. However, if you have a big family and still opt for a classic look you could always go for a large single bowl. Ruhe provides multiple sizes for single bowl sinks.

Square or Oval Double Sink

Square or Oval Double Sink designs

The double bowl sinks are a practical choice for bigger households or where the kitchen is constantly in use. The double bowl sinks also come in oval and square shapes to suit the personality of your kitchen. The double bowl is amazingly spacious and caters to every need the kitchen sink is required for – stacking dirty dishes, washing, rinsing, defrosting, etc.

Sink with Drainboard

Sink with Drainboard designs

For people who wash dishes manually or need to wash crockery, having a large single-bowl kitchen sink with a drainboard is the most suitable choice to go with. The single bowl sink with drainboard has a slanted structure with grooves on it that enables the water to quickly flow towards the drain in the kitchen sink. This keeps water from pooling on the surface which might lead to bacteria or rusting if contaminated. Large single bowl Kitchen sinks with drainboards are really helpful in washing and drying fragile dishes. The grooves of the drainboard make sure that the items do not slide into the sink and prevent damage.

Handmade Single or Double Bowl Sink

Handmade Single or Double Bowl Sink designs

These mindfully handcrafted kitchen sinks are manually welded and therefore have voluminous bowls and slightly rounded edges to prevent dirt/waste/food from getting stuck.  The brushed matte finish of the handmade sinks enables the rapid flow of water down the drain, resists spotting and gives a completely modern and industrial appearance which works brilliantly well with modular kitchens.