RUHE SPECIAL PLUMBER COUPON: A Plumber Upliftment & Empowerment Initiative

What is the Need for the Plumber Upliftment & Empowerment Initiative?

Plumbing is a skill that rarely gets its dues paid in terms of appreciation. It is a profession that requires immense expertise, meticulousness, knowledge, and dedication. Ruhe, a Kitchen & Bath Fittings Brand understands the hard work and commitment the plumbers put to keep millions of households working smoothly in the country, and hence wanted to extend to the plumbers’ heartfelt gratitude with an exciting initiative. Ruhe wanted to contribute to the upliftment of the country’s Human Development Index in global statistics.

How does RUHE Let Plumber Choose Right Kitchen and Bathroom Fittings?

Ruhe Kitchen and bath fittings are 100% made in India and extremely reasonable. The quality and durability are top-notch backed up with long-time warranties. Ruhe, in routine, hosts Plumbers and Dealers meet wherein the local plumbers and dealers of the specific area can come together. Such gatherings by Ruhe aim to increase the general awareness, the USPs, and the nitty-gritty of all Ruhe Products.


Steps to Participate in the Initiative and Redeem the Coupon:

Step 1: Buy a Ruhe product.

Step 2: Scratch the coupon to get a 13-digit code.

Step 3: Scan the QR code and send the 13-digit code to the WhatsApp number. OR, Directly send a picture of the scratched coupon on the WhatsApp number.

Step 4: After a collection of 500 points, Rs. 500 will be directly credited to your account.

General Queries of Plumber

Is it necessary to be a plumber to avail of this plumber coupon benefits?

Yes. The initiative is specially introduced for Plumbers. Any plumber can purchase Ruhe Products for dealers and distributors across India, win points and get rewards credited directly to their accounts!

How can I contact RUHE to get this offer now?

You need not contact Ruhe for availing this offer. Being a plumber, you just need to purchase Ruhe Products and follow the procedure. In case you have any queries, you can contact Ruhe Support/. The number is given on the coupon code.

Can I get Plumber Coupon on every box that I purchased?

Yes. Every Ruhe Product has a coupon stuck on it. You can buy as many Ruhe products as possible to win credit points and redeem them directly into your account!

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