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Why are Brass Pillar Taps ideal for Washbasins?

Why are Brass Pillar Taps ideal for Washbasins

Ayush Jain |

What is Pillar Tap or Pillar Cock?

One of the most traditional types of taps you might have seen is a pillar tap. They typically feature separate taps for hot and cold water flow and are positioned on the basin. The pillar tap is a traditional, vintage faucet that is available in a variety of finishes and colours. 

In technical terms, a Pillar tap is a draw-off tap that has an upturned or horizontally free outlet with a vertical intake.

Why are Brass Pillar Taps ideal for Washbasins

Features of Brass Pillar Taps

  • Brass Material

The body of the pillar water taps is built with virgin brass which is the purest and unadulterated quality of brass available for the industrial market. Brass is a strong material that is known to resist corrosion and also has purifying ions that help in cleansing the impurities from the flow of water.

  • Finish

The sturdy body of the brass pillar tap is Chrome Plated and finished with 3-tier surface protection. With Copper, Nickle (10 microns) and Chromium (0.3 microns), the pillar taps give a high-reflective mirror-like glossy finish. 

  • Installation Type

All Pillar cock faucets are table mount faucets or countertop faucets. These types of taps are usually installed on the rim of your wash basins or sinks.

  • Variations

The pillar tap, even though a standard and a traditional tap have also evolved with time owing to the development in innovation and design. Pillar taps are also manufactured with a tall body, also known as Tall Body Pillar Cock Faucet. The vertical structure of the water tap is elongated and given a greater height. This is because these days you will find plenty of countertop washbasins. Tall body pillar taps are ideal for the new-age wash basins.

  • Cartridges & Valves

The Ceramic Cartridges are tested for more than 500000 operations. 15mm Ceramic Disk (highest level of thickness and quality) in the cartridge. The thick cartridges ensure smooth and long-lasting functioning.

  • Foam Flow

The aerator used in our faucets is made of food-grade plastic and designed to work at extreme temperatures. These are attached to the faucet outlets that add air to the flowing water. The airy water makes an illusion of high-water pressure even when the supply water is running at low pressure.  Aerator used is of World-Class Company –Neopearl.

  • Core Shooter Technology

The Mold which is used for casting the pillar faucet body is engineered using Core Shooter Technology thus providing uniform thickness all around the faucet. The inner walls of the faucet have a flawless consistency at the bends or corners with no sharp or uneven edges. This allows an uninterrupted flow of water.

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So why are pillar faucets ideal for any wash basin?

The answer lies in their simplicity. They are simple, single-lever faucets that do not have any other hassles. They are strongly built require minimal maintenance and have a long-lasting performance.