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Which are the Best Kitchen Sink Designs in India?

Which are the best Kitchen Sink Designs in India

Ayush Jain |

Kitchen sinks are necessities, so essential that we frequently overlook their aesthetic appeal. Every kitchen requires a sink of some design. You can work with water in a contained area with the least amount of spatter and mess. The sink is a necessary component of the kitchen since it is used for cleaning, rinsing, washing, and organizing and holding food to defrost, chill, or dry.

With the increasing awareness about the functionality and performance of kitchen sinks, the other important thing that is now considered is the kitchen sink design. The amazing kitchen sink ideas and designs below might serve as inspiration for your upcoming kitchen update in a variety of spaces!

Which are the best Kitchen Sink Designs in India

Top 7 Kitchen Sink Designs

  • Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are one of the busiest places in the world. They work 24 x 7 and the utensils need to be washed continuously even though they are in plenty. Therefore, the heavy usage of utensils in the commercial kitchen requires kitchen sinks that have large bowls that provide extra space. The handmade kitchen sinks from Ruhe are manufactured in 304-Grade stainless steel. These kitchen sinks are handcrafted to give you extra volume and a modern appeal. With manually welded rims and technologically moulded sleek corners, the sink bowls are spacious and fit perfectly in an industrious arrangement.

  • Small Households

For smaller households, the square single-bowl kitchen sinks that have a compact modular aesthetic, are ideal. These square bowls are spacious enough to accommodate the utensils of the day for a small family and at the same time compact enough to make your kitchen look balanced and beautiful. These square single bowl sinks are available in multiple sizes for all ranges of a small kitchen. They give a sleek and minimal look and avoid making your kitchen sink area look overpowering.

Small Households

  • Sink for Big Families

When it comes to big families or a family that is very social and often hosts a lot of people, the kitchen must have enough space to carry out the washing and cleaning activities. For this environment, an oval double bowl sink is perfect. The stainless-steel bowls give a luxurious and contemporary appearance and provide all the space that you require considering the number of people.

  • Farmhouses

Perfect for heavy usage the handmade single bowl sinks with vegetable strainer/basket are the right choice. These sinks are handcrafted to have slightly rounded corners so that food does not get stuck on the corners. The handmade sinks give you a perfectly rectangular or square shape which makes up for more space. In addition, they also come with a removable vegetable strainer or basket that can be affixed to drain excess water from vegetables, fruits or even cups and dishes.


  • Homegrown Chefs

People who have a profession in cooking must keep practising their culinary skills at home as well. This means that you need a well-equipped kitchen sink area that has ample space for food-prepping activities like chopping, peeling, washing, defrosting, etc. For this purpose, a Square kitchen sink bowl with a drainboard is the best companion.

  • Restaurants & Hotels

Big hotels and restaurants are again places that are busy throughout the year. They have several chefs and assistants working together to cater to the needs of rush hours and other times of the day. For this is it essential that numerous large square single bowl kitchen sinks be installed so that different cooking and cleaning activities can take place simultaneously and the services run smoothly.

  • Garden Area or Garages

Many people prefer to have sinks in their garden sheds and even in garages. This provides them with the flexibility of having a water supply close to the activities they are doing like repairing or cleaning cars or tools, washing garden fresh vegetables, and other gardening activities. For this, a rough and tough 304-Grade Stainless Steel large Oval kitchen sink is the best. It provides enough space and convenience for such activities and also has looks that are compatible with the space around.