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Benefits of Brass Diverters Over Stainless Steel Diverters

brass diverter vs steel diverter

Ayush Jain |

There is a lot of debate over the material of diverters for bathrooms, and of course, why shouldn’t there be? The material of a product is one main characteristic that decides its performance and durability. In the market today, the biggest contenders are the stainless steel and brass diverters for bathrooms.

brass diverter vs steel diverter

Let’s find out which material is the best for divertors for the shower area:-

  • Durability

Stainless steel is a material which is prone to corrosion and rusting in the long run if the type of steel is not 304-grade. Since steel contains iron, it is obvious that it will rust and corrode because of the atmospheric reactions and exposure to water. However, brass diverters are made from brass ingot which is a pure alloy of copper and zinc, there is no chance of rusting or any sort of corrosion. The brass diverters work well with the Indian climatic conditions and work well for a long duration.

  • Endurance

Brass is proven to be a tougher material than stainless steel. This is true in terms of the fact that in households where there is a high pressure of the water supply, the brass diverters work much more efficiently than the stainless steel diverters. Brass is also said to have a good endurance capacity for high temperatures of water. Since your diverter will supply water from the geyser to the shower or bathtub faucet, it is necessary that it is able to withstand hot water temperature.

  • Maintenance

Compared to stainless steel, brass is a little low maintenance. Stainless steel needs maintenance and proper upkeep from time to time but not Brass. Brass Diverters are low maintenance.

  • Economical

The reason why stainless steel diverters online are priced so low is that the quality of steel is normal or regular poor quality steel. You will find that stainless steel diverters come with very less or no warranty at all. Brass diverters are economically priced as they provide you with hassle-free service for a minimum of 10 years. The price is completely proportionate to the kind of performance and quality brass diverters offer.

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As we can see, brass diverters have the upper hand when compared to stainless steel diverters. There are hardly any stainless steel diverters that have proven to be good quality and long-lasting. So, if you are looking for a permanent solution for your contemporary bathrooms, it Ruhe Brass Diverter Complete Set is your ideal buy.