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Buying Guide for Diverters for Bathroom to Control Hot and Cold Water

Buying Guide for Diverters for Bathroom to Control Hot and Cold Water

Ayush Jain |

Diverters are a common bathroom fitting that are mostly present in every bathroom, but people rarely know about it. It is an essential fitting in the modern bathrooms where there is a shower area and different features for people to experience satisfying bathing.

Buying Guide for Diverters for Bathroom to Control Hot and Cold Water

What is Brass Diverter?

Diverters are basically concealed valves that are installed within the walls of the shower areas or the bathrooms. These diverters basically draw water from the various water resources available to the household and supply it into the bathroom fittings attached with it- like the overhead showers or faucets, bathtub spouts.

Components of a Diverter

Wall diverters are functioning devices that are encased inside the wall, leaving just the spout/faucet, overhead shower, and handle/lever visible. Since every working component of the diverter is hidden within the wall, all you'll see is a chrome-plated flange with a lever. This is also dependent on the type of diverter and the many functionalities it provides.

How does a diverter work?

Usually, the water pipe that connects the water source (overhead tank or the geyser) to the main faucet in the bathing area runs vertically upwards and connects the overhead shower as well. The diverter is kind of a switch or an open-shut valve which directs water either to the shower or to the faucet. When you wish to take a shower and turn the knob on the upper part of the diverter, the diverter shuts the flow into the faucet, which generates pressure, making the water flow upwards to the showerhead.

Types of Diverters

  • Single Lever 2 Inlet Diverter

These diverters are usually installed in bathrooms that have a water supply from the overhead shower and the geyser. This diverter helps you to control the direction of the water from the 2 inlets to 2 outlets which could be a normal faucet and an overhead shower.

Price range: ₹3,000 to ₹6,000

  • Single Lever Hi-Flow 2 Inlet Diverter

This diverter has a strong 46mm ceramic cartridge that helps in drawing water from overhead tanks that are installed at lower heights keeping the intensity or the pressure of the water high. The diverter has 2 inlets from which it gets water- the geyser and the overhead shower. The single lever and the knob on the upper part or the outer body lets you control the temperature of the water and the direction of the flow.

Price range: ₹3,500 to ₹7,000

  • 3-Inlet (Five Way) Diverter

This diverter draws water from 3 sources of water– the geyser, the overhead tank and the submersible (freshwater) and supplies it to the designated outlets which could be faucets or overhead showers.

Price range: ₹3,600 to ₹7,500

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Benefits of Diverters in Bathroom

  • Hassle Free Appearance

Diverters give your shower areas a neat and clean apperanace as it minimizes the fittings. Since there is just one handle or lever to control all the water operations in the shower area, there is no overcrowding of the fittings, making the space look aesthetically and technologically updated.

  • Hot and Cold Water Options

The diverter allows you to control the temperature of the water flow as per your convenience with just a single movement, ensuring an enriching bathing experience.

  • Shower and Faucet Option

Some people prefer bathing with a bucket, and some prefer taking a quick or long shower. A diverter in the bathroom gives you the option of having both the fittings connected to a single valve and allows you to enjoy water in all its different glories!

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