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Benefits of PTMT Taps for Bathroom

Benefits of PTMT Taps for Bathroom

Shahab Khan |

Bathrooms are basically places for self-care, grooming, and maintaining hygiene! Standard bathroom fixtures and accessories include washbasins, toilets, showerheads, and bathtubs, as well as bidets, drawers, shelves, and other items. With the belief in constant innovation and keeping up with the changing needs of the consumers, Ruhe brings to you a fresh range of PTMT Faucets.

Before introducing the beautiful range of Ruhe’s PTMT Faucet Collection, here’s a little information that would help you make better choices for your household!

What is PTMT?

The term Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate abbreviates PTMT. This is a distinctive kind of material, classified as polyester plastic or thermoplastic. The material is said to be the most apt for engineering bathroom accessories and fittings.

Where can you install Ruhe’s PTMT Faucets?

PTMT is a versatile material. Ruhe’s PTMT Faucets, unlike plastic water taps, can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures of water. The PTMT material is non-reactive to water making it suitable for usage in kitchen sink and bathrooms. These faucets are ideal for installation in households located in and around coastal areas as they are resistant to scaling due to hard water. Moreover, since they are non-metallic and are reasonably priced, they can be installed outdoors in garden and washing areas, providing safety against theft.

What is the X-Factor in Ruhe’s PTMT Faucets?

The PTMT Faucets by Ruhe are 100% indigenously manufactured and are tested to last for 5,00,000 operations.  The water taps are strong, robust and breakage-resistant. For your utmost satisfaction, these PTMT Faucets conform to the standards developed by BIS and are ISI marked. The faucets can easily endure domestic cleaners, acids and disinfectants that are usually used in households for cleaning making their maintenance absolutely hassle-free!

What’s new?

Ruhe has launched a series of stylish PTMT Faucets which is a contemporary twist to the traditional water taps. Ruhe has a wide variety of faucets you could choose from as per your requirement- Bib Cocks, Pillar Cocks, Angle Valves, Swan Necks, and Swivel Spouts.

Metro & City Collection

With the tagline Minimalism rarely goes out of fashion, this collection outperforms all other PTMT items on the market in terms of utility and appearance. The faucets have a subtle Ivory colour that gives a sleek and neat appearance and flawlessly blends in with any decor setting.

Retro, Gold & Classic Collection

This collection makes an impression in the PTMT arena because of its rustic brown tone that contrasts sharply with the beautiful white shade. The incredible collection of faucets has a bright yet refined appearance and a glossy surface that does not require any lubrication or polishing. The faucets feature a gorgeous Ivory body with a stylish deep brown handle that gives them a clean and organized look and mixes in seamlessly with any bath space or outdoor environment.

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