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Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Shahab Khan |

Have a small bathroom? Don’t worry! Here are some amazing shower ideas for small bathrooms that would amp your bath space and give you the ultimate showering experience?

Sleek Showerheads

Who doesn’t enjoy a shower after a long tiring day at work? And why not! You could install the best shower head for the bathroom. Make sure your showerhead is wide enough to give you full coverage but at the same time doesn’t look bulky. The perfect combination of sleek and superior rain-like flow is offered by Ruhe showerheads! You could buy shower heads online from Ruhe and Amazon.

Multi-functional Shower Panels

The best way to utilize a small space is by installing a multifunction device that offers solutions to multiple needs. The shower panels are plumbing fixtures that offer you just that. It is a single unit fixture that gives you all sorts of showering experiences. You could use the overhead shower, or switch to the hand shower, change the temperature and intensity of the water flow, turn on some lights, etc. Some shower panels are also equipped with storage space which is very useful when you do not have storage space in your bathroom. The shelves on the panels can be used to store toiletries.

Light coloured walls with big Mirrors

The best way to upgrade a small bathroom is by getting big mirrors. Mirrors give the illusion of extra space in any setting. You could also get your bathroom walls painted in light natural colours. The combination of light colours, mirrors and a well-lit bathroom, makes it look big.

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Big Tiles

The bigger the tile, the greater the distance travelled by the eye from one tile to another. This generates the illusion of a larger area. Because there are fewer grout lines with large tiles, there is less disturbance floor area making the space look bigger automatically. You must opt for light earthy coloured big tiles to make your small bathrooms look bigger. 

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